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Please join me in congratulating Mindset Mastery Graduate, Lucetta Lilly. Lucetta did an amazing job practicing Rare Faith through a long gestation period, and I am pleased to announce her graduation and share her story.

As usual, upon graduation I had some questions for her:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

A. Because it was inconsequential, I was able to focus on it, and remove myself from the outcome pretty easily. At first, it was a little more tricky, because I wanted it to work to prove to myself that it did work. Having three inconsequential goals really helped. Because then it didn’t matter which one happened, I knew one of them would.

This illustrates the benefits of having more than one inconsequential goal AND why we do them. By having several in play at the same time, your subconscious mind stops being hyper-focused on just one, which can otherwise lead to disappointment. She added:

I decided I wanted to see a hummingbird in my backyard. I saw several last year, but had not seen any yet this summer. As I focused on this goal, I could see the bird at a feeder in my backyard. It was beautiful and drank deeply from the feeder.

I made sure the feeder was full of fresh nectar, felt good about it, and knew it would happen. All day my kids kept calling out that they were seeing birds stopping by the feeder, each time I was missing them. As soon as I would look, the bird had already flown away.

I was confused at first, wondering what I had done wrong, happy that the birds were coming, but confused. I energetically checked my ‘receiver’. I pictured myself being able to receive the thing I was asking for. Within an hour, I was able to see a bird at the feeder, just as I had envisioned. It was beautiful!

It’s one thing to believe something will happen, it’s another thing to see yourself witnessing it happening. Technically, the goal was already achieved all those times she wasn’t there. But what she really wanted was to see it happen.

Way to adjust your approach, Lucetta!

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

A. This goal changed during the course. I was business focused and was looking to help our business grow. But as that was my focus in the beginning, we found out that the owners of the home we were renting needed to sell. The market was such, we didn’t qualify for a loan to purchase the home ourselves. So, my goal shifted to a home. One to rent where we could move in quickly before the owner of the home we were renting needed us out.

This is a question that comes up quite often from our Mindset Mastery students. “What if my goal changes during the course?” That’s OK! As you learn to listen for and act on each “next right step”, that may lead to a goal change. Trust your instincts, and have faith you are being led to exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

Q. What happened?

A. It was supposed to be easy. I would look for homes daily. I would look on multiple sites and look for a home we could live in. At first, it became a little bit of an obsession, spending hours each day looking. Then realizing I was looking at the same houses over and over, I needed to back off and continue to move my feet, but let God do His part, too.

Letting go of control as we are working towards our goals is a challenge for many of our students. Lucetta makes an important point here: it is her responsibility to continue moving her feet, but ultimately, she needed to allow for God to do His part. It is good to do regular check-ins with yourself and God, and ask yourself if you are doing anything that could be a limiting factor in reaching your goals.

She continued:

I kept ‘If money is your only problem, it isn’t a problem’ in my head.

Finding a home in the location we were in, didn’t end up working. We moved out of state and moved in with family. We were disappointed, but kept positive, knowing the law of gestation also needed to play a part.

My husband transferred locations with the company he had been working for. The commute was a little crazy, but it was ok. We still knew we would find a home that we needed. We looked into different options for owning or renting a home. Lots of time went by. LOTS OF TIME….

We fed our minds with positive things daily. We (my husband and I) would sit and visualize our home daily. It was not easy to do every day, especially after a few months passed and we knew that my husband could no longer work for the company he transferred with.

We chose to leave that environment for a more positive one. Once again changing the short term goal to income, still keeping the home we wanted in our minds at the same time.

A family-friendly job also didn’t come easily in the location we had moved to. It took a few months, but we found one. And while we were looking, my husband chose to put us in a better position for growth by obtaining a certification that connected to his degree. (He hasn’t worked in his degree since he graduated due to the economy upon graduation.)

Now, he is working temporarily for one company as we wait for the position to start with another IN HIS DEGREE! We didn’t know this would be part of the rewards in the beginning of this adventure!

As for the home….. WE ARE MOVING IN THIS WEEK! Oh my goodness! It took 18 total months for the gestation period to finally be complete. We are soooooo grateful. We have learned valuable lessons that we could not have learned so quickly in any other way.

We also learned some important lessons about setting goals. This home is great and wonderful. It has a few things we didn’t want, and missing a few things we did want, but it HAS ALL of the things we REALLY focused on. It is amazing!

Eighteen months!

Working with the Law of Gestation can be one of the most challenging parts of Rare Faith. Staying in a place of faith for an extended period of time is difficult, and I love how Lucetta looked back and could see how they “learned valuable lessons that [they] could not have learned so quickly in any other way.”

As much as God wants us to reach our goals and dreams, I believe He often cares more about our growth than our comfort.

Well done, Lucetta!

Q. What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

A. Because this went a full 18 months, there were days I did AMAZING at thinking truth in spite of appearances and other days I failed. I sunk into sadness and frustration. But we would always come back to thinking truth in spite of appearances. We knew we felt better when we did. We knew there were things we were learning and growth that was happening despite appearances.

This is a perfect example of the Law of Rhythm. The reality is, nobody will ever think perfectly at all times. There will be high days and low days; it’s part of the rhythm of life. We get to decide how much impact those low days have on our goals, and we always have access to the Lord’s grace, even in goal achievement.

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

A. YES! It was ‘scary’ as we ended up needing to choose between two different jobs which were in very different locations, which would affect the home we were feeling was ours.

Let’s back up a minute. In case you don’t know, the Terror Barrier is what you hit in that moment when you know what you’re supposed to do next, but taking that step is scary. It’s bumping up to the edge of your comfort zone.

Once Lucetta and her husband figured out their right next step, of course, anxiety kicked in. After all, anxiety is just a physiological response to the subconscious mind accepting two contradictory truths. In Lucetta’s case, it was the contradiction that 1) They didn’t have what they needed, but 2) they had an opportunity to solve the problem.

The two truths were, essentially: “I don’t have what I need” and “I do have what I need”.

The subconscious mind, believing both truths at the same time, gets confused, which leads to physiological anxiety. When you feel the dissonance, it’s merely a positive sign that your subconscious mind has successfully accepted the new belief as truth, so you’re only one step away from beginning to live the new life!

When you hit the barrier, that’s when to take action, despite the anxiety. That’s when to step into the second truth, because it will lead you to the breakthrough you’ve been longing for. Most people feel the anxiety, assume it means the new idea is a bad one, and retreat. That’s why it’s called a barrier, but it’s only in our heads, and it’s ours to break through.

Great job, Lucetta! It’s normal to feel anxious as you make your way through terror barriers to reach your goals. Taking that step into the darkness may be scary, but it IS always worth it!

(If you want to learn more about the terror barrier, join us for one of our virtual Genius Bootcamps.)

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

A. TAKE THE STEP. You have been focused on this for so long. Once you step through that barrier, you feel relief. It is not an easy step to take, but TAKE IT.

Excellent work Lucetta! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We look forward to hearing more about your journey!

If you want to learn more about what Lucetta and her husband are creating, visit their website at www.fizzletosizzlemarriage.com


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