Angel on My Side

By Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

The Law of Polarity states that there is an equal and opposite good in every bad situation. You may learn this law, but if your subconscious mind believes, “Things don’t work out for me. I’m not worthy or deserving of good things” then your subconscious will sabotage your efforts to receive good things into your life.

There was a time when everything in my life fell apart. I went through an unexpected, painful divorce, my mother died, and I was left without a home to call my own. Even my car broke down, and I didn’t have the funds to get it fixed. The dream home and property I once owned went into foreclosure, and I had no ability to get it back. I was at the mercy of family and friends to provide a place for my two boys and me to live. I borrowed cars to drive where I needed to go.

I felt beaten down. I felt as if all my dreams were dead and impossible. Then, one gorgeous spring day, I was walking from the grocery store to my car, and I had this incredible feeling of peace and hope sweep over me. I heard the words in my mind, “Your life is about to get amazing with this new powerful angel on your side.” My mother had been my angel in life, and I knew that if she had any say in the matter – any pull with God – that she would move heaven and earth to run to my aid. I believed that voice. I couldn’t NOT believe it. It came with such force, clarity, and assurance that I absolutely knew it was true.

I’m not proud to admit that I didn’t believe that God had good things in store for me anymore. I thought perhaps He wanted me to suffer for a while to learn some lessons. But I did believe my mom would help me if she could. That belief was so compelling and so strong that it transformed my life. I knew my mother’s love was powerful beyond measure. I started looking for the good inside my situation. I saw beauty, love, and tender mercies everywhere! I saw my mother everywhere.

In time as things began to improve and miracles started happening, I realized that my mother couldn’t give me anything God didn’t already have in mind for me. He wanted to give me good things all along. But my limiting beliefs had kept me stuck. As long as I believed I had to suffer and that I was at the mercy of whatever violent storm wanted to knock me around, I kept my eyes closed to the blessings all around me. God was literally pouring out blessings, but not until I believed did I open my eyes to see them and take them into my life.

My circumstances swiftly changed. Within a year, I was back in the home I’d lost and married to the man of my dreams and completely loved. I was driving a sporty BMW Z3 convertible and had everything I could think to ask for. Every dream I’d co-created with God nearly a decade earlier was mine. And I didn’t do a thing to earn it or orchestrate it. 

Through it all I learned an important reality about The Law of Polarity. The good that comes out of bad things is like the flipside of a coin. Good things may be down the road because of a difficult situation, but more importantly good things are right here present within the difficult thing. Flip the coin over and the blessings are there… here… now… ready for you to take into your possession.

This period of simultaneous losses was the most painful I’ve ever gone through, but it also carried inside it the sweetest tender mercies, the most exquisite spiritual experiences, and the most liberating feelings of hope, freedom, and divine love. It was all there, packed inside the crucible of pain. All I had to do was believe they were there, see them, and gratefully receive them.


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