Allow Full Formation

By Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

About twenty-six years ago, I wrote down a list of goals. One of the goals was to have one of my books sold on the shelves of a specific bookstore chain. At the time, I had not published the first book. I filed the slip of paper with the goals written on it in a file drawer and forgot about it. About ten years later, I stumbled upon this paper.

My eyes grew wide when I read the sheet because by that time at least four of my books were sold through this bookstore chain.
The seed I planted by writing down my goal statement bore fruit. I found it incredibly fascinating that the results came even though I had forgotten all about writing down the goal.

This is an example of the Law of Gestation. Ideas are like seeds. We plant them by getting clear about what we want and writing the goal down. We successfully plant the goal when we feel the emotion of what it will be like for the idea to become a reality.

Like seeds, ideas (or goals) need time to swell, gather nutrients, sprout, grow and bear fruit. Looking at nature, we quickly see that we don’t harvest the same day we plant. It takes time. It takes a gestation period.

Like a baby in her mother’s womb, an idea must be nurtured and given time. An expectant mother knows that eventually her baby is going to be born. It’s inevitable. If we looked at our ideas with an expectant mother’s faith, we would not rip our idea seeds out of the ground in unbelief.

An expectant mother knows it’s going to take between 38-42 weeks for her baby to gestate. She doesn’t want her baby to be born at 16 weeks or 26 weeks. She wants her baby to be fully developed, healthy and born with the greatest chances of survival.

We should be just as patient with our ideas and goals. The challenge with most goals is that we don’t have a seed packet to refer to. We can’t easily see how long the gestation period is for most goals. But, we can trust that a properly planted goal seed will eventually bear fruit if we doubt not.

Also, while there are things we can do to speed up the gestation period of some goals, we don’t want our ideas to come out half-baked. If there is something you really want and it doesn’t work out, it’s because there is something better for you – something more fully formed – around the corner.
Take it from one who has settled for less than a desired outcome, you really don’t want to settle for less than a fully formed result. When things don’t work out, be grateful. Look forward with expectant gratitude for something better to arrive when the time is right.


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