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Meet Alicia Howard, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate:

I am amazed and humbled at Alicia’s ability to live the principles, particularly the Law of Vibration. Even when she came up against terror barriers, and even when others expressed doubt, she kept her brain “tuned in” to the right vibration until she was able to accomplish a goal she hardly dared believe possible. Well done!

Her phase-one inconsequential goal started with a rainstorm:

My daughter and I were headed to the store…in the pouring rain. On a whim I set a “goal” as I was driving to find a parking spot directly in front of the store within 3 stalls closest to the door. I drove right to where I had envisioned it, and there was an open spot, 2nd stall. It was fun to have that happen.

I love that this goal was small and simple. The laws work for the small and simple things too, and this is one of the best ways to start practicing living the laws.

Her phase-two meaningful goal, however, was a much bigger challenge.

She tells us her story here:

My long term goal was to attend a week-long workshop in October, so my bite-size goal was to have the money to register for the workshop and for the travel by June 26th…. To attend the workshop, seemed impossible. I could see no way I could get enough money at all, let alone by June 26.

I had two “stipulations” for the money. 1) I didn’t want it to come from our family finances, and 2) I didn’t want to borrow it. Although I didn’t build these things into my goal statement, I kept that energy every time I said my statement.

Once I set the goal, I tried to be open to any ideas to get the money I needed. One idea was only going to bring in $20, but I wanted to demonstrate that I was willing to do my part, so I did it. Another idea brought in a couple hundred dollars and also allowed me to sell items from my previous business to make some energetic space for whatever was coming next.

Last Monday, registration opened for the workshop and would close when 50 participants registered, so I felt some urgency, but didn’t panic. The organizers also agreed to pay airfare for anyone who registered by Friday. At this point I had about half of the total I needed.

I got online to look at the hotel where the workshop will be, I scouted out different airfare options. That was the first time I got super emotional about my goal. The excitement I felt made me want to jump up and down and shout it to the world that I was going! It was so real to me.

Up until this point (Tuesday night), I hadn’t told my husband about my goal because I felt that it would be really difficult to keep my head in the right space, with the reaction I was pretty sure he would have. But by Wednesday, I knew I needed to tell him about my goal, if for nothing else, just scheduling purposes because I would be gone for a week.

I told him, and his reaction was just as I anticipated. This was my terror barrier. I spent most of the day Wednesday journaling and using all the tools from the course to keep my doubts and fears at bay. I literally went back through all the notes I’ve taken over the last 12 weeks to keep my head in the right space. I kept reading my goal statement and working to keep my vibration up so I could access the ideas needed to create the rest of the money. It was an all day effort!

Thursday morning, I decided to go ahead and register. Although I didn’t have all the money, they had the option of paying in 4 installments. So as an act of faith that the rest of the money would come, I paid the first installment, and registered!

I began to think about temporary jobs I could get to earn the rest of the money. Although I didn’t love the idea to getting a job, I was committed to doing whatever I felt inspired to do.

Friday morning, I just felt uneasy at the thought of getting a job right now. But again, I wanted to be open to all the ideas. Later that day, I met some of my sisters and Mom for lunch. While we visited, I thought about sharing my goal with them, but hesitated because I was afraid that their reaction would be similar to my husband’s. After a while I felt it was safe to share…so I asked them for ideas of how I could earn money because I was going to this workshop in October, and needed to pay for it. They were very supportive and encouraging.

We parted ways and as I got in my car, my mom called and asked me to follow her home, that she wanted to gift me the $2000 I still needed!

I was so humbled and grateful. It was sort of surreal, I expected that I would be screaming and jumping up and down, but instead I was in awe and amazement that it had worked! (The next day I did the module that talks about how we feel the emotion we expect to feel ahead of time, so when our goal comes to pass, it’s not very different than what we have been feeling all along—so true!).

Alicia’s story illustrates several laws of thought:

She used the Law of Cause and Effect when she said, “One idea was only going to bring in $20, but I wanted to demonstrate that I was willing to do my part, so I did it. Because she was willing to take this small step toward her goal, it took steps toward her.

She lived the Law of Vibration when her spouse struggled to support her, but she spent the day journaling and reviewing tools from the course. Wow. The hardest work we often do is keeping our thoughts right. She was willing to do this work and it paid off.

Finally, I know she practiced the Law of Relativity, which states that nothing we experience is fundamentally good or bad, from this message she sent me:

I’ve learned how to be curious about my thoughts without getting emotional…. It was therapeutic to take a look at my fears and answer them. As I took the fears to a worst-case scenario and answered them, they lost all their power, and I was extremely hopeful that I would figure it out, no matter the outcome. I knew that my fears were just emotions that were a lower vibration, so I became proactive in finding new thoughts that would put me in a higher vibration to find the solutions I needed.

Following is how Alicia ended her story, but I have a feeling it’s a beginning as well:

So there is my story…I love it! One phrase in my goal statement was ‘the story of how the money came to me will always be a testament to the power of laws and faith, and God’s desire and willingness to bless me with the desires of my heart’…

Thanks so much for this course!  I’m grateful the Guided class came online just at the perfect time when I was ready to move forward! I love looking back and noticing how small little events, that didn’t seem to relate to each other, in the end, worked together to facilitate my experience! I’m so grateful for the things I learned.  Hearing from the other class member in the guided group each week was key to my own success.  I’m not sure what is next for me, but I’m confident that whatever it is, I will be successful with the tools you have given me! Much thanks! Alicia

Again, congratulations, Alicia! You did an amazing job.


What’s YOUR story going to be?

I want to see YOU graduate, too!

Learn more about the Mindset Mastery program HERE.


The Mindset Mastery Program is not to be confused with the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse.

The Fundamentals Ecourse provides an introductory exploration into the principles that govern success for effective goal setting. It also fills the gaps to give you a basic but complete understanding of the principles, so that you have a solid foundation on which to develop true mastery. 

By contrast, the Mastery Program is focused on the *implementation* of those principles and the *achievement* of your goals. It is full of interesting assignments that take you step-by-step through two experimental goals, challenging your thought processes, helping you experience success, and setting up a pattern in your thinking that you will be able to utilize over and over for effectiveness with all of your future goals. There is a self-paced version, but we also have a GUIDED version if you want to go through the lessons on a weekly basis with an expert guide. View all the different options here.

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