3 Tips to Receive the Results You Desire

By Cari Skrdla

‘The Law of Cause and Effect’ is often referred to as the ‘Iron Law of The Universe.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson called it ‘the law of laws.’ It was first articulated by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle in 350 B.C. It stipulates that for every effect in your life, there exist specific causes. ‘Effects’ refer to the results you are getting ‘causes’ refer to the actions you took that created those results. 

If you are overweight today, that is an ‘effect.’ Being overweight does not happen randomly or even overnight. There is a causal relationship between excess weight and excess calorie consumption. ‘Causes’ refer to the ‘actions’ you take, ‘effects’ refer to the ‘results’ generated from those corresponding actions. 

This law perpetuates the fact that everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents. If you want to create an impact in your life, then you will want to focus your attention on the cause and be confident that the effect will take care of itself. 

When you see an individual that has a fit physique, you wouldn’t think his or her physical form manifested by accident. Ripped physiques are the result produced when a person takes the necessary diet and exercise actions to produce the physical appearance they desire.

Through extensive scientific research, we already know that the causes (actions) required to produce the ‘ripped physique’ effect (results) are eat less exercise more. Yet many people focus on the one thing they can’t change, that is ‘the effect.’ They say, ‘I can’t get rid of this gut’, or ‘this cellulite is so stubborn,’ they are focusing on the ‘effect.’ Focusing on the effect produces more of the same effect. Like thoughts produce like actions. Put differently; our effects are self-replicating. 

A better process is identifying causal relationships between the effect they wish to produce. It’s a case of looking introspectively to form logical connections between the destination you wish to reach and the route to get there. The destination is the ‘effect,’ the route is the ’cause.’ 

Say, for example, I put you in a car in the center of Los Angeles and I told you to head to San Francisco. If you did not orientate the vehicle so that it was heading north, you’d never get there. Even though you had the destination in mind, you chose a route that is ‘a cause’ that produced the wrong ‘effect.’ In this context, you did not take sufficient time to pick the correct route to your destination. 

So, in this example The Law of Cause and Effect did not care that you had a destination in mind; it merely delivers you exactly where the ‘route’ you select leads. The applications of this concept permeate everything you do in life.

Identify the Causes of The Effect You Seek

Let’s consider a specific application of the ‘Law of Cause and Effect.’ Say I asked you to pinpoint the top health and fitness ‘effect’ you wished to produce along with the ’causes’ you identified to get there. If you said the effect, you wished to produce was ‘to lose weight’ I would say your destination is too ambiguous. It would be best if you had a very specific destination in mind. IT would be best to say, ‘I will weigh 120 by X Date’. This gives your mind a very specific destination, the present tense statement encapsulates your destination with positive intent, i.e., you know you are going to get there.

If I asked you to determine the’ causes’ required to produce this effect, you might say: ‘eat less exercise more.’ Again, I would say this is too ambiguous. You need to determine specifics in terms of ‘actions’ ‘frequencies.’ It would be better to say: ‘I go to the gym every weekday morning from 6:00 am-7:00 am. I spend 45 minutes performing high-intensity weights resistance training. I spend 15 minutes doing high-intensity interval training on the treadmill. I do not consume, soft drinks, sweets, cakes, junk food, or biscuits. I eat porridge for breakfast, lean turkey breast & quinoa for lunch, lean sirloin steak with sweet potato for dinner’. 

Ensure the Causes Are Proven

Let’s say I then asked how you determined those were the correct ’causes’ to produce the ‘effects’ you sought. If you told me it was modeled by the experience and knowledge of a personal trainer who generated the same results you wanted to produce, then I would say ‘Congratulations. You understood my explanation of the ‘Law of Cause Effect,’ your ‘destination’ is guaranteed if you stick to those predetermined actions.’ 

Start with The Effect You Wish to Produce

So, if you want to be a success across the full spectrum of life goals, you need first to determine the ‘effects’ you wish to produce. These are the ‘results’ you want to obtain in terms of health, relationships, work, finance, material possessions. Your mind is a psycho-cybernetic entity that must have a clear target in mind if it is to function correctly. Lack of clarity leads to ambiguity, which robs any goal of the propulsion it needs to get there. When you have determined the ‘effect,’ you need to ask yourself what ‘actions’ do I have to take to produce these ‘results’? These ‘actions’ refer to the ’causes’ of the ‘effect’ you seek. 


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