The Science of Good Feelings

By Cari Skrdla

Many people are familiar with the ‘Law of Attraction,’ but the ‘Law of Attraction’ is only a secondary law to the ‘Law of Vibration.’ In effect, both laws work together in unison to attract whatever is vibrating on the frequency of your dominant thoughts. I would like to present my perspective of the law and how I came to understand it. This will require a miniature science lesson initially but bear with me as it sets the foundation that will enable you to understand the rest of the mind-expanding material in this lesson. 

So, what exactly is ‘The Law of Vibration’? The Law of Vibration decrees that everything vibrates, nothing is ever at rest. No matter what object you set your eyes on in the physical world, if you looked at it under an electron microscope, you’d see that everything is vibrating at incomprehensible speeds at the quantum level. The quantum level refers to energy i.e., the smallest possible constituent that EVERYTHING is comprised of. Said another way, everything in our Universe is made of energy vibrating at various degrees of vibration. 

Everything is Stored Energy

Albert Einstein revealed the most significant scientific discovery of our time when he said E=MC2. In effect, it represents the idea that matter is nothing more than stored energy. In other words, every physical object in the known Universe is like a container for stored energy. A rock is energy, a cookie is energy, your body is energy, your thoughts are energy, everything is energy. More specifically, everything is energy moving at different rates of vibration that might convert into other active forms of energy.

Quantum physicists have discovered that deep down inside, seemingly solid objects are worlds of molecules and atomic particles, vibrating, rotating, and orbiting at incomprehensible speeds. And inside those particles are smaller subatomic particles. Now quantum mechanics reveals that those tiny particles of matter are also waves of energy and that both matter and energy can act as either a particle or a wave. In other words, the two states do become each other.

What this means is that you are not separate from the world you observe and define as outside you. Your perception determines the shape of your reality. Quantum entities exist in multiple possible realities called superpositions. This means that any given moment contains unlimited futures that can become real. The reality that occurs is the one that you pay attention to. In effect, your thought waves are energy that penetrates all time and space to create the future you are about to live. You indeed are the architect of your destiny. 

We have already stated that everything in our external physical world is vibrating, but what exactly does this mean? In effect, it means that our outer world is comprised of a broad spectrum of different energies, some perceptible to us but most imperceptible. We know that energy moves in waves, that waves come in a range of amplitudes (intensities) and frequencies (speeds), which gives them unique qualities and behaviors. We also know that energy waves travel through a medium or field like air, water, or even awareness.

The easiest way for you to comprehend these energy waves is to consider all the different mobile phone frequencies, TV channels, and radio channel frequencies that are whizzing over your head all the time. Just because you can’t physically see these energy waves does not mean they are not there. You can tune into these frequencies if you have an adequate receiver. For example, your television would give you the ability to tune into thousands of different frequencies. 

Your Feelings Reveal Vibration

So, every thought we have is nothing more than an impulse of energy moving at a high speed of vibration. Your conscious awareness of this vibration is referred to as ‘feelings.’ If you become consciously aware that you are in a negative vibration, then you will feel bad. You can change how you feel by changing what you are thinking about. It’s impossible to feel bad when you focus your mind on a pleasant thought. This awareness gives you the power to change your level of vibration, which, in effect, changes your feeling, which changes your action, which changes your life. 

Using The Law of Vibration

So how can you use the Law of Vibration to achieve success in your life? Ultimately your level of vibration is directly controlled by your thoughts. If you are feeling bad, then you are in a negative vibration. If you are feeling good, then you are in a positive vibration. Your feelings are a conscious awareness of your vibration. 

Your awareness of how you are feeling from moment to moment is essential. The way you feel is directly correlated to the thoughts you are thinking. Negative thoughts create negative feelings, which manifest as low-frequency vibrations that attract low-frequency results resonating on that frequency. Conversely, positive thoughts create positive feelings, which manifest as high-frequency vibrations, which attract high-frequency results resonating on that frequency. 

If you are feeling bad, then take the actions to eject the thoughts generating those feelings and focus on something positive. Your mind thinks in pictures. Your brain cells are the files within which you store these mental pictures. Negative vibration means that you are accessing brain cells that store negative imagery. You can switch to a positive vibration by focusing on positive imagery. 

Using the Gap Wisely

Always remember no matter what circumstance you face in life, there is always a gap between your recognition of the circumstance and how you respond to that circumstance. You need to realize the existence of this gap and use it to respond with positive expectancy instead of reacting with negative intent. 

Remember the ‘Law of Polarity’ suggests there is some good in every bad. By focusing on this good, you vibrate at a higher frequency, which in turn will attract that which will get you through the circumstance. However, if you react negatively, you are vibrating on low frequencies, which will continue to attract negative thoughts that self-perpetuate even more negative results. 

Focus on the Good

Think about things that make you happy. Do things that make you happy. Listen to music that makes you happy. Go for a walk in the woods or a stroll on the beach. Walking in nature is proven to trigger high-frequency vibration. This is because we are serenaded in the pitch-perfect vibrations emanating from the plant kingdom. But do you know what’s even more shocking? 

No matter how adverse your current circumstances are focus on the good that’s about to reveal itself as it sails over the horizon and into your life. When you practice these things, you start vibrating on the highest possible frequencies. When you do that, you will attract a life of purpose, health, wealth, and happiness. You will find joy in every moment, and it will pervade the full spectrum of life activities.


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