The Space Between Point A and B

By Stephanie Francom

Do you have a bucket list? Just a really cool list of things you’d like to do? Or be? Or have? I think many of us do. And some of us think our list is attainable. And I think others just have the fleeting thought of wants (or really passionate frustration that they lack them), and they never check much off of their list.

I have learned that if you want to get from Point A to Point B, (a.k.a. making a goal and accomplishing it) your greatest power comes from the way you handle the space in between.

Let me explain.

Let’s call Point A the place where you visualize your goal, write it down, and set an intention to accomplish it. The fulfillment of the goal becomes Point B. My huge a’ha, though, was that Point A is obviously fixed (by you), and Point B is fixed if you stay in a believing and grateful place while traveling in between.

The first time I really understood this was while I was experimenting on the principles of prosperity. My assignment in the Mindset Mastery course was to set a goal that could potentially happen within a week’s time in order to experience the power of the principles for myself.

(This should be easy, right?)

I had an Amazon Rental (for a college textbook) due the day after I set my goal. I knew the UPS man was scheduled to deliver a package to my house the next day, so I chose to visualize him showing up at my place by noon, that way I could send my return rental with him. Understand…the UPS man normally doesn’t deliver until mid afternoon. But a twelve o’clock delivery would give me enough time to drop off the package to the local drop off if he didn’t make it – still avoiding the $26 late charge. (Which was my real purpose.)

The kids and I watched for him all morning. (I had to play it cool so the kids could learn good things from me. Haha)

12:15 rolled around. No UPS man.

12:30 came, and I had the thought to look out the window. The UPS man!! But he was driving past our house on his way back to town. (Oh dear.) I wondered, “Do I still choose to believe?” But then I had the thought to look on Amazon and see if it confirmed that my package was out for delivery. I did, and I had apparently looked at it wrong. The package being delivered that day was going to my brother’s house for Christmas. Mine wasn’t scheduled to come until the next day! Oops.

I was new to all this…but I remembered to feel sincere gratitude that I had thought to look outside. At least I didn’t wait around all day for him to come! I called the local drop off and asked what time the UPS man normally picked up, and they said 11:00 a.m. (Uh oh) But that they hadn’t seen him yet that day.

I raced to town, visualizing that I made it in time and feeling grateful.

When I arrived, one of the ladies said the UPS man had already come early that morning. Crud. Well…I had a choice. I could leave it there and get charged a $26 late fee or drive an hour to another drop off and spend almost that much on the gas for my Suburban.

I decided to just leave the package there, and then I felt grateful again for seeing the driver pass my house so I was certain he wouldn’t come.

Next came the thought that I wanted a candy bar for a consolation prize. Just sayin. 😉

I drove toward store, and as I came around the corner….who was parked right between my intended destination and another business…but the UPS man! I ran over and told him my problem, and he said he’d pick it up! Yeehaw!

It worked!! No late fee!!

So what did I learn?

My time in between Point A and Point B kept my goal alive for a couple reasons:

  • Even when the evidence went contrary to success, I chose to believe.
  • I chose to remain grateful whether things were looking positive or negative.
  • I felt at peace that things would work out for my best good.

It was an amazing learning experience for me. Using this as my foundation, I have seen other goals work out when problems arose there as well.

It is really rather simple. We all just need to remember that our end goal is fixed so long as we choose a place of gratitude and belief along the way!!


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