The Zig Zag Principle for Success

In 2009 I had a new AHA experience that impacted me just about as much as any of the success principles I’ve been talking about now for the last twenty years.

A friend of mine has built more than 12 companies: 1/3 were miserable failures, 1/3 did okay, and 1/3 were multi-million dollar successes – having started from nearly nothing.

Through those experiences, he has fine-tuned a process – identified a PRINCIPLE – that governs the success of businesses and business start ups.

I sat with him a couple weeks ago, having hit a brick wall in my own world and struggling to see what I was supposed to do next.

He knew just what the problem was – I had a blind spot – and he showed it to me.

The lights went on, and I have been awestruck by what I learned that day as I sat across the table from him. I had been feeling burned out, and viewed my desire to pull back from my goals as a sign of failure.  But he is a climber of Mt. Everest and explained that the climbers who charge for the top, taking the shortest route possible are often the ones who are found dead in the morning. He explained that the shortest route to success is NOT a straight line, and acclimation at each stage is critical for business longevity and overall profitability.

That’s when I realized that my gut instinct to pull back was good and right, and I was finally able to VIEW it in a positive light.  The glass which seemed half-empty (“I’m failing”) now seemed half-full (“I’m acclimating”), and the result was a new positive mindset. In my new mindset, I stopped feeling like I was doing something wrong, and once again felt qualified to receive all I need for my greatest good.

Pulling back or veering away from the goal is often a sign that you’re on the RIGHT track.

This new point of view has given me permission to stop and take a breath as needed so that I can overcome adversity as it presents itself.

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  1. Hi Leslie, I wish l could listen to the download but unfortunately my phone will not permit this. Welcome to my life lol, my phone has been disconnected for about two months now so l have no internet either and when l get time between the three kids l will drive to the community centre and use there’s free of charge. Trying to stay positive etc. Between a chronic sinus infection and being flat broke, l still go through what l am grateful for each day, I try everything like giving what l need, etc. Etc. Nothing seems to work. I must have seven “blind spots”!! With all that another thing l am grateful for truly is being on earth the same time you were Leslie, l say that because when l heard your story, and the kids, and the broom that broke and you losing it, l am so “there” right now, I know you have seen both ends and this is something that really gives me some comfort, if that’s a word l should use not sure lol. Keep doing what you do, and remember how you are touching others lives daily more than you know. Warm Regards, your friend, -lrene

  2. Hi Leslie

    I just got back in town a few days ago and just checked emails. So I missed this. Is there anyway you could send me the link to listen to this?


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