Wedding Bells in Five Days

By Roseanne Dawes

I got a text from my daughter telling me she was getting married after her bridal shower in five days. Wait! What? How? When? My mind went from zero to one hundred in a couple nanoseconds trying to wrap my head around what was being said, and how this was even going to happen.

That was the biggest question. How was I going to make this the happiest day of her life….IN FIVE DAYS?!?! I soon came to realize I WASN’T! I had been in a depressed state for a couple months after my husband lost his job again. I could hardly make myself get out of the house. I had turned inward and was unable to communicate to anyone…let alone asking for help on planning and carrying out a wedding in a few days.

My grown children were really concerned about me. They had never seen their mother like this before. They were feeling helpless in knowing how to help me with what was happening in our personal lives during those dark months. I knew they were concerned, I just couldn’t express myself or really do anything to help relieve their worries. I was barely making it from day to day myself, let alone helping them feel better about our situation. Even though I was feeling helpless, I still found myself practicing the law of relativity and feeling a sense of calm by turning it over to my Heavenly Father and watching what happens. I knew that if I kept reminding myself that this turn of events was neither good nor bad, they just were, I could stay neutral and allow all the unseen help to come in and organize a beautiful wedding for my daughter.

Lucky for me, my two daughters had already decided to throw their engaged sister a bridal shower, and everything was in the works for a fun party with her female friends and family. When my oldest daughter found out her sister wanted to get married after the shower, she went into “Party Planning 2.0” mode and backdrops, flowers, plane tickets for her brother to fly in, and every last detail fell into place, just because the decision was made to make this a fun and memorable experience instead of fretting over HOW it was going to happen.

The decision to believe this was a great thing that was happening this week, and to stay calm and watch what happens, put me in a state of watching so many miracles happen that week. So many that I am in awe at what God can do for us when we truly believe all things will work together for our good.

When the guests at the shower found out the bride-to-be was getting married in an hour, they all went into “let’s work together and make this happen” mode. I could hardly believe how it was all coming together so smoothly. My sister got my granddaughter and the groom’s four-year-old daughter to be the flower girls and was instructing them on what to do with the flower pedals as they walked down the aisle. Another family member was showing my oldest grandson how to be the ring bearer, and made the cutest display to hold the rings for the ceremony. Guests lined the chairs with flower arrangements decorating the walkway; sisters-in-law called their husbands; male cousins, who just “happened” to be in the area, came to be part of the ceremony; wedding cake tables were decorated; and even a brother, who decided last minute to walk his sister down the aisle, because her Dad was performing the ceremony, standing in his designated spot under the beautiful backdrop that just “happened” to show up that week.

I know nothing just “happens” to show up. I know that we have help on both sides of the veil that pulled all this together so beautifully. So beautiful, in fact, that as soon as the groom was instructed to “kiss the bride” the city celebration fireworks went off right above their heads!! Are you kidding?! FIREWORKS from heaven letting us all know that WE didn’t make this happen on our own. We had help, unseen and seen, to make this a magical event that will be remembered forever!!

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