Country Bumpkin to City Girl

By Roseanne Dawes

Moving to the city after living in the country my whole life has been pretty easy….except the traffic. While raising my four children, anytime we came to the city to visit Grandma or go shopping, their Dad would be the designated driver. Why? Because Mom would make up her own language if she was driving!

Yes, whenever I had to drive up here, crazy words would come out of my mouth. Not crazy swear words, but oftentimes they were “made up” words combining two or three regular words, but because my mind would be stressed, the words would come out of my mouth all together in one. For example, I’d freak out because of the traffic and what would come out of my mouth would be something like “frrr-upid.” (This was a combination of “freak” and “stupid.”) Or “shhh-lip.” (Combination of “shoot” and “flip.”) Needless to say, while my kids got a kick out of the new language Mom would create while driving in the city, I was developing PTSD.

Shortly after moving to the city, I came across some of Leslie Householder’s books and programs, and I started learning about universal laws and how they can help in everyday life. I started practicing the law of vibration while driving, because I knew that in order to have miracles show up on the freeway, I needed to learn to calm the heck down inside!

I’ve always been kind of a “Nervous Nelly,” so putting me behind the wheel with a ton of cars on the road did not help to create a pretty picture in my mind….so, what I saw on the streets was what I saw in my mind. I HAD NO IDEA my mind created a lot of my reality until I started thinking differently. I began thinking of what I wanted to create on the streets while driving instead of the worst case scenario.

I started envisioning what I wanted to be experiencing on the streets of Salt Lake, and more importantly, feeling what I wanted to be experiencing on the roads. I’d imagine seeing green lights and expecting them to “be my friend” to not only turn green for me, but stay green all the way through the intersection. I’d imagine how happy and grateful I was that those lights were wanting to serve me and help me have a peaceful trip to my destination.

Merging on to the freeway, especially during 5:00 traffic, has been a breeze! I have learned, through experience, to get my body in a calm state with thoughts of holes opening up in the bumper-to-bumper cars so I can easily glide in, AND have the lanes open up so I can get over to the faster lanes. Itis truly a miracle.

By looking at the GPS and seeing red and yellow lines on the on ramps, it’s easy to think, ​​”This is going to take forever,” or “This is stressful to merge onto this highway.” Instead, feeling what I’m envisioning in my mind of the traffic opening up just for me, has proven to be a lifesaver, time and time again! I am so grateful to know how to make things happen that I truly desire, and it really is quite simple when you know how to apply universal truths.

On the downside (for my kids), they’ve not heard any new vocabulary words slip from my lips in a very long time!

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