Making “Sense” of It- Journal Epiphany

By Heidi Dahlke

In my college English class, I had a professor who encouraged us to write by focusing on a moment or a snapshot of our life, then describing it by using our five senses. A few years ago while traveling I realized that if I chose to engage all of my senses when I was having an experience, it would create a stronger memory for me to take with me. I remember an adventure in Puerto Rico, smelling exotic flowers, feeling cold water and a delightful breeze as my skin is kissed by the sun. I hear water rushing over rocks and the calls of friends. Taking in a magical location with my eyes as I taste the salty moisture in the air. That experience will stay with me forever. I can recall it in a moment.

As I have learned more about the Law of Vibration over the last few years. I have struggled to know how to match my vibration to that of what I want. I was browsing Youtube looking for an interesting recording by Gregg Braden. The one that intrigued me that day was talking about the secrets of prayer. Gregg mentioned that the term prayer is a new term. In bible times, people communed with God. He explained this more as he shared a story about his Native American friend in New Mexico who invited him to pray with him during a devastating time of drought. He goes on to explain about a sacred place that he was invited to and how he watched his friend remove his shoes and stand barefoot with his hands drawn together in front of him. His friend stood there for a few seconds, then turned to Gregg and asked if he was hungry. Gregg was understandably confused. He asked, didn’t you ask me here to pray for rain. David, his friend, said “We are not praying for rain. At the moment we are asking for something, we are affirming that it does not exist now.” He went on to explain how he connected his senses to what he wanted: healthy, thriving crops. David then clarified what he did while he stood barefoot for those few seconds in prayer. He felt his toes dig into the mud he was standing in. He smelled the petrichor and watched the corn stalks move in the wind. He heard the sound of rain on the ground and tasted the moist air. He experienced that in a few moments.

I had been using these techniques to create lasting memories, but now I understand how to use my senses to create what I desire. Conscious creation. Through Rare Faith and Leslie Householder, I have learned how to “submit my order to the master chef”. Now I understand how to taste it, smell it, see it, hear it and feel it as I order.

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