This Is Not Your House

By Roseanne Dawes

As I sat on the couch in my living room, I distinctly heard a voice in my head saying, “This is not your house.” It caught me off guard, because I had never thought this before. We’ve lived in that house for 15 years and had no intention of moving.

A few minutes later, I received a text from a casual friend who lived in a neighboring town about 20 minutes away. The text read, “Hey, are you guys thinking of moving? I had a dream last night that we were to move back and buy your home.” Stunned, I told her what I had just experienced prior to her text, and that she could come look at the house if she was interested.

My friend and her husband came to look at the house and seemed quite serious about buying it from us. I told her that we weren’t quite ready to move. My husband still had a stable job and had signed a new contract for the school-year. We didn’t have any idea where we’d move, but felt impressed to continue going in this direction to see where it would lead. She, too, was not ready to move until they were able to sell their home first.

A year went by, and I had actually forgotten about the possibility of selling our home, until I was on oa family vacation with my husband and youngest daughter. While driving down the freeway in San Francisco, I had the thought, “Hmmmm…I haven’t heard from Diane in a while. I wonder if she still wants to buy our home?” I kid you not, a couple minutes later I get a text from Diane asking me if we were ready to sell our home!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hesitantly turned to my husband in the car and asked him if he was ready to sell the house. He hesitantly said yes, so I hesitantly replied “yes” to Diane.

We hadn’t thought anything through. Both my husband and I just felt like it was the right thing to do. We were used to following those inner-guidance feelings and learned to trust them throughout our life, even though we had no idea what our future held. e knew we needed to just follow the nudges and just go. No anxiousness…just calm reassurance that we were being directed in a different direction and all would be fine. Just have faith to believe.

We made arrangements to have them come look at the house when we got back into town, and they could decide if they still wanted our house. They showed up with a measuring tape and a companion to see what could be done to remodel one of the rooms on the main floor to accommodate their aging mother, who was currently living with them. I knew this was a done deal, and 30 days later we moved out.

We still were unsure of where we were supposed to be, but in the meantime, we were able to rent a little home closer to my ailing mother for the four months before she passed. I was able to spend some cherished moments with her during that time. A month after she passed, my husband got a mid-year hire at a school in Salt Lake. We were able to find a miracle home close to his new school and right in the middle of everything for easy access! We get to have house guests all the time because people are always needing a place to stay when they come up north. We have plenty of room to accommodate, and it truly has been a blessing!

Most of all, we were able to live closer to his aging parents and have had so many precious moments caring for them, especially since his Dad has now passed. I am so grateful to be able to trust in those nudges, follow the sparks, and trust in God’s timing. It’s perfect every time.

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