By Roseanne Dawes

I was an elementary teacher for eight years before I felt prompted to resign my position and become an entrepreneur. Actually, the promptings came a year earlier to stop teaching and work from home, but none of it made sense. I had barely started my career. I earned my bachelors and master’s degrees after my children were all born, and started teaching school when my youngest was in second grade. I was able to teach her in class. What a wonderful opportunity. I loved my job! Eight years didn’t seem long enough to be a teacher. After all, there were teachers at my school that had been teaching for over thirty years. I felt I should teach at least 20 years for some kind of retirement, right?

After a year of fighting the internal battle, I decided to quit my job at the end of the school year and work for myself. I had been studying life coaching and mindset coaching, and I could see myself doing that for work. I enjoyed it so much that it hardly felt like work at all. It was just fun! The hard part…acquiring clients.

I had taken business courses and had been learning about how to work with my ideal clients, and I would implement what I was learning. I wasn’t always comfortable, but I was at least moving my feet and doing my best to do the things I teach and am in alignment with. I always knew when something didn’t feel right. It just felt “icky” or “off.” The crazy thing, though, was when I just kept moving, clients seemed to just show up out of the woodwork…even if they weren’t the people I had been nurturing from previous outreaches they were interested in. I am continually learning that when these universal laws of prosperity are applied, things start to come together in miraculous ways.

On two occasions, I had two online business owners, whom I had met from different courses that I had taken, approach me and ask me if I’d work for them and serve their clients in their programs they developed.​​ Both of them told me that my name kept coming to their minds, and they felt they should reach out and be a Mindset Coach on their team. My calendar started filling up pretty quickly, and I loved the opportunity to see how we can co-create with God the desires of our heart and watch the miracles that unfold, simply because I decided to move forward towards my dreams, trusting in His timing and not being attached to how I was going to acquire all the clients myself. I was open to receiving all God has in store, and He provided the way for a lot more clients then I could have gotten myself.

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