Was I Pushing Away What I Wanted?

By Jill MacDonald

I have learned about goal setting from many different mentors that I worked with. Each of these mentors taught me two things that were the same. The two things that kept coming up from each of them was:

  1. You need to use repetition or
  2. Have intense positive emotion

Your thoughts matter. What you think and what you feel about your life is what matters. It is important to get clear about how you feel about the direction you’re heading in. Also it is imperative that you pay attention to the goals you have set, or address if there is a lack of direction and goals in your life. Changing your negative thoughts and negative emotions about your life will have a HUGE impact on what you create or receive in your life. At times it’s easy to get caught up in the repetition of your thoughts and allow them to flow without being checked.  

When I thought about my goals,I wanted to achieve them faster. I was using repetition but I was having a hard time creating the intense positive emotions around these goals, so I puzzled over this for a while. Repetition works, it just takes longer! I couldn’t get the intense emotion to come up when I thought about or looked at pictures of what I wanted. I was frustrated, which is ironic because frustration is an intense emotion – but not the one I was going for! You see, when you have good intense emotions towards your goal, then it draws you towards the goal or it comes to you that much faster! Intense emotions are like a magnet, and with that mental form of magnetism using good intense emotions – you draw what you want to you. However, the opposite is true for intense negative emotions; that is like turning the magnet around – it repels what you want or in other words it pushes it away. 

One morning as I was sitting and pondering about this, I had an idea come to me; there are many things in my life time that I have had strong or intense positive emotions about. I just needed to think about one of those memories and feel that feeling all over again. For me this is easy to do when I read a love note my husband wrote to me or when I see a baby picture of one of my kids, I get all the feels!  Now that I have that feeling in my body I immediately switch over to thinking about or looking at a picture of the new goal that I have been working on creating the positive feeling about. Because I still have the “leftover feeling” in my body, I now start to associate the new goal with that feeling. It has been amazing to practice this and see the results that follow! I am able to much easier create positive feelings around my goals and in turn accomplish them with more ease! 


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