They Repossessed My Car, Now What?

By Jill MacDonald

Many years ago, I read Leslie Householder’s book “Hidden Treasures”. At the time, I was right in the middle of a situation that felt very bad. I was really struggling with it. I couldn’t see it as anything except bad until I came to the chapter in her book on the law of relativity. The picture she painted helped me to see my situation as not so bad after all! I was able to change my thinking, so much so that I saw it in a whole new way. In the end I received what I wanted!

But of course I’m getting ahead of myself! Let me go back to the situation that felt like the end of the world!

When I started reading Leslie’s book, I wasn’t in a good head space. I made a choice out of fear (that’s never a good place to make a decision from). I signed a contract with someone where I had to make monthly payments for 3 months. I decided on the payment option because it was a large amount of money and I didn’t have all of it at the time. I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal and that the money would be there when I needed it. 

The first month I made the payment just fine. However, month two came and I didn’t have the money by the date it was supposed to be paid.  A couple more weeks went by and still nothing. The person I made the agreement with started asking me when they would get paid. I didn’t know what to do, but assured them that they would have it before the end of the month. 

Whew!  The pressure was off, for the moment! All I really did was delay things. I started to panic. I spoke with my husband and asked if he had any ideas of what I could do to get the money, but he had none! I thought and thought but nada! For days I racked my brain, but nothing of value came. Then it hit me. I did have something of value, my minivan! I could get a title loan and that would solve my problem! 

I spoke with my husband and he wasn’t thrilled about the idea. I persisted, so he finally relented. I was so “happy” for a little bit because I thought it was the end of my worries. Really what that did was just create more!

I made the payments to fulfill my contract and received the services I paid for. 

In a couple of months I was in trouble again! I signed another contract to make monthly payments to the title loan company. Really what I did was get myself back into the same predicament I was in before getting the loan! I got one person off my back, only to have another jump on!

I paid the first payment just fine but then month two came and once again I didn’t have the money. (Are you seeing a pattern here?!?) I put them off for a while, but it caught up to me one day when they came and repossessed my van! I was devastated, I hadn’t had the van for very long! 

My husband talked to the title loan company. They told  him that we could get it back if we could pay the money owed plus the extra fees that were now tacked on. They gave us a certain amount of time to pay it by, that date came and went but I still didn’t have the money! Because of this they ended up putting the van up for auction. I was crushed!

At the same time the car was at auction I was reading Leslie’s book. In the chapter on the law of relativity there was a story about a pioneer woman who walked across the plains with her family. Her husband became very sick and passed away. The same day one of her children passed away too! I read that story and sobbed! As I thought about my situation compared to what the woman went through, suddenly mine didn’t seem so bad anymore! Reading that story and reflecting on the law, I saw that it was all about the way I viewed things. I decided it wasn’t so bad after all!

That night I prayed with a grateful heart for what I did have. I put in my request to God that I would be able to get my van back. I let it go completely and put it in his hands. Fortunately it didn’t sell at auction and I was able to get it back! I am so grateful to Leslie for writing that book that taught me the laws and how to use them in my life!  


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