Perpetual Transmutation – What is That?

By Jill MacDonald

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation, as mentioned in “Hidden Treasures”, states that:

“Everything is either coming into physical form or going out of it.” When I first read about this law, I didn’t understand it because I was hung up on the word transmutation. That is not a word we commonly use today. 

One day the thought came to me to just replace it with a word we do use. I realized I needed it translated into today’s language so I could better understand it. 

Here are some words or phrases that can be used instead:

Change ~ Alteration~ Shift

Metamorphosis~ Transformation

Moving from one state to another

Something being drawn to you

My favorite is metamorphosis. I like to think about a caterpillar in a chrysalis (a chrysalis is like a cocoon. Or you can think of it like a package wrapped up tight. The present is inside but you can’t see it.) It starts out as a caterpillar and ends up as a butterfly. 

When I was a little girl in elementary school, we studied the life cycle of the caterpillar. My teacher ordered some caterpillars so that we could see in action what we had just learned about. When they arrived, she put them in an aquarium. We fed them and watched them grow. About a week later she put a branch inside the aquarium. She told us that soon the caterpillars would climb up the branch and suspend from it. They would then form a chrysalis around themselves. Inside the chrysalis they would be transforming into a butterfly. I was so fascinated by this process!

Then came the waiting and more waiting! For many days I watched them, but it seemed like nothing was happening. I asked my teacher if they were dead. She assured me that they were very much alive in there! She told me to be patient and keep watching. In a few more days I would see a beautiful butterfly come out of the chrysalis. That thought made me smile from ear to ear! I was so excited to see the butterflies emerge!

A few days later, after what felt like an eternity to a little girl, I noticed some movement! Within a short space of time one chrysalis after another started breaking open! I laughed out loud! It was so amazing to watch the transformation happening right before my eyes! I was awestruck! The teacher told the class to get our coats on so we could go outside to release the butterflies. 

There was excitement in the air as we hurriedly put on our coats! One by one we lined up in a single file, ready to witness this incredible event. Our teacher had to remind us several times to quiet down as we walked down the hall. 

We got outside and gathered around our teacher. She picked a couple kids to take the lid off of the aquarium to release the butterflies. They lifted the lid and butterflies emerged, spreading their wings towards the sun. They flew so gracefully. It was magical to witness! There were butterflies all around me!

That experience left a lasting impression upon me. There were many lessons I learned that day and many more that continue to reveal themselves to me, even all these years later!

As I think about the law of perpetual transmutation and the butterflies I can see how they helped me to understand this law or principle better.

I asked my teacher if the caterpillars were dead, she assured me they were not. As a child I looked at the chrysalis,  I didn’t see any movement. I didn’t see anything happening so I assumed they were dead.  This is what happens to us regarding the law of perpetual transmutation, which states that: everything is either coming into physical form or going out of it. In other words, we are either drawing to us what we want or we are pushing it away. 

We don’t see all the things that are happening below the surface or behind the scenes. Because we can’t see it at times, we assume it is dead. We talk ourselves out of goals or decide our desires are silly. When we do this we push away what was coming to us. It is important for us to believe it is coming until it shows up! We need to be excited for the magic that happens unseen while our “chrysalis” is formed and know that underneath the surface, great things are happening unseen bit by bit. 


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