The Money Tree

What a fascinating experiment. Not surprising… but let it help you reflect on what opportunities and resources are all around YOU that you’re not seeing yet.

Maybe from this we can create a new quote…

When the seeker is ready, the MONEY will appear.

Life is abundant!

Sorry – this video is no longer available.

Leslie Householder

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  1. I’m so glad Rebecca shared this video with me. When it started I actually had a different thought come to mind, which was that someone would come and greedily grab up many dollars as they could reach, however, I was so pleased to see how the majority of people who did see the Money Tree took only one or two dollars, read the messages and walked away with a smile on their face.

    I do think so many of us are so pre-occupied with what’s on our “to-do” lists and balancing so many things that we end up as zombies rather than living in the present and being aware. Like Dave Matthews says “Ants Marching”.

  2. Glad to see someone else notice that people don’t really pay attention now-a-days to what is really happening and what is around them. If we paid attention we might learn something or find what we are looking. I think it’s a great video. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  3. I’m actually not surprised. We’re so wrapped up in ourselves, rushing here and there to get things done, we don’t stop and appreciate what’s around us. It’s a great reminder how everything we need is there. We just need to look.

  4. Amazing – this is a very powerful experiment and observation of how collectively; “unconscious” we are….Thank you so much,,,I am FASCINATED,,,,keep up the great work…..Blessings, ChristiElla

  5. Wow – this has REALLY made an impression on me…makes me want to really figure out the next step in my life…how to see what’s already right in front of me.

    NOt only does this principle apply to money, but spirituality, emotional peace, etc. Wow!

    Thank you!

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