The Incredible Law of Gender

By Cameran Hadlock

What in the world is the Law of Gender? The Law of Gender is an intriguing law which states; in order to create something there must always be a male and female of its kind. Put it another way, lets think of growing a plant from a seed. To do that there must always be the planter of the seed and the grower of the seed.

In this world of ours, every thought and every idea is a seed in its own. Each person, company, and organization is trying to plant their ideas into the seed-bed of your mind. If nourished there, those seeds will cause you to think and do whatever the idea in seed contained. Advertisers are constantly doing this, in hopes that the seed will take root and you will buy their products.

Circle around these ideas a little longer. There are seed coming at you from almost every angle and direction, all hoping that you (the grower) will allow their seeds to grow. Once those seeds have grown, they direct our lives almost automatically. They influence our perceptions, our paradigms, our beliefs, and our attitudes about everything.

This means that as long as you allow those seeds to grow, you must always be under their influence. Your goals, wants, desires, and results will be under their control and not your own.

Wait, it does not have to be this way! Listen, you can be both the planter and the grower of seeds of your own making. Stop nurturing the seeds of others and plant your own idea seeds.

First, find seeds that are good, seeds that you really want. Do this by finding those things and people that embody what you want. Then immerse yourself in those types of things.

Second, plant those good seeds by imagining up a new and wonderful life where those ideas are a part of it. See it and feel it, experience how it is to live that life.

Third, become aware of what you are exposing yourself to and stop letting it happen. If there are idea seeds that you don’t want, be sure to cut off their supply by stopping them at the source. This means stop watching certain TV shows, or music, or friends etc.

A great example of this comes from my childhood. There was a time when I was a young boy when I would seek our horror movies. I seemed to get a real kick out of seeing what new and bizarre ways it would try to scare me. These shows would almost always happen right before my bedtime.

During and after the horror film I would be fine, but when it was time for bed, the show would really affect me. My room would be pitch black and not a sound in my room, except the sound of my breathing. In that setting my mind would begin to playback the events of the show and I would be practically terrified! I would try to think about other things to get mind off of the show, but I couldn’t shake it.

By the time I went to bed, it was too late! By watching and welcoming in those shows to my “garden” or mind, I let them plant their bitter seeds. Now I know that what I watch does affect me. First in my thoughts and then into my emotions; the consequences had to take affect and I had to endure them.

Remember, you can choose which seeds are chosen to be planted in your mind. Choose wonderful seeds and create a wonderful new life that will grow up from your mind into your life. Enjoy it, it’s the only life you have!


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Cameran Hadlock

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