The Amazing Law of Perpetual Transmutation

By Cameran Hadlock

Law of Perpetual Transmutation

I want to introduce you to a fascinating law of the Universe called the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. This law was first introduced to me by Leslie Householder, author of the bestselling book “The Jack Rabbit Factor”. She described it as “Circumstances and things are perpetually coming or going according to your thoughts.” What a fascinating concept!

I love this law, because I feel like I understand better how things come to me in my life! To grasp this law, understand that our desires created in stages and it most go through all of them before it is really ours.

Let’s use an analogy of the four stages of water to see the process everything must go through. Before a cloud is formed, there are water molecules in the sky, but they are so separated that you cannot see them in any shape or form. As the molecules start to collect they start to form a cloud. Now a cloud has a form and we can see it, but it is still far, far away. The next stage is that of rain falling from the clouds which can then turn into ice, the finally transformation of water.

In this analogy, ice is the form of water we are after. Ice is the most tangible, physical and real; it is a very concrete form of water. For our purposes, it is the only form that counts.

The transmutation of water applies to our desires and goals like this: first, you come up with a creative idea; second, take that idea and mull it over in your conscious thoughts; third, the idea moves from your conscious thoughts into your subconscious thoughts; and fourth, that idea moves you into action and brings you the results or desires you first thought of at the start of the process. For your desires to be made real and physical, you must hold on and wait long enough for the desire to go through each of the stages. It must or you will never reach your goal.

Again, the process is first, a creative idea (clear skies); second, the idea is thought about in your conscious mind (clouds are forming); third, idea moves into the subconscious mind (rain is falling); and fourth, you take action to make the desire real and yours (the water is now ice).

Now let’s take this Law of Perpetual Transmutation formula and apply it to a personal experience of my own. A very imaginative idea came to me about wanting to go visit the country of Ecuador with my wife. I took the second step as I mulled the idea over and over in my conscious thoughts. I would think about the places we would go, the people we would visit with, the foods we would eat and I felt very excited about the idea of the trip.

Eventually, the idea was passed on to my subconscious mind; the third step. After the idea of the trip was in my subconscious mind for awhile, I decided to move to the fourth step by taking action. I chose to move past any doubts and fears I had and bought the plane tickets, made arrangements for our children to stay with family and took care of everything else that needed to be taken care of.

Before that trip could become a reality, by natural law, I had to go through all the stages of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation.

You too can make your own dreams and miracles come true by applying the four steps of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation to your own life. Do it now!


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Cameran Hadlock

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