Change Your Life With the Law of Polarity

By Cameran Hadlock

I am excited to tell you all about an alluring law of the Universe called the Law of Polarity. This law was first introduced to me by Leslie Householder, author of the bestselling book “The Jack Rabbit Factor“. She described it as “Everything has an opposite…”

What does “everything has an opposite” mean for you and me, and how can we use it to achieve what we want? Quite simply, it means that whenever something unpleasant or bad happens it also means that it must contain some good in it, by law. Not only that, but it must be in equal degree to the bad. Opposite and equal.

Isn’t this fantastic! Whenever something negative happens, we can know that it must have an equal amount of good in it – so get looking for it. Be excited that good has come into our lives. All you have to do is refocus your perception filter to get past that negative stuff and zero-in on the good.

The Law of Polarity is a wonderful tool to help us refocus and draw within us positive emotions. The best positive vibe you can have when using this tool is to feel gratitude. Gratitude allows you to attract more of the good you have just received. For sure, we can all use more good things in our life and we certainly want more good feelings to show up for us. This is all becomes possible and so much easier when you have and enact the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity is always active so the way you use it is just to expect to find the opposite and equal good that must be there. Expect it, believe that it is there, and show the faith in the law by finding and expressing gratitude for the good you have just received.

Because of the nature of this law, the blessing will likely be disguised. It will appear as an ugly, unwanted negative event, but if you look past appearances to what’s really there, you will find the beautiful blessing that is yours and sent just to you.

Let me share with you an experience of my own to help show this law in action.

After giving birth to our second son, my wife needed to be hospitalized for a few weeks. This was scary, frustrating, stressful, and expensive. Why would this happen? There was already so much going on in our lives and we certainly didn’t need any of this. Who’s going to watch the kids during the day? How would we pay for all of this?

A lot of questions and feelings were going through both of our minds; it was not an easy time. I decided that I needed some help. I knew I would be better able to help my wife and children if I was full of positive emotions, plus I wanted to feel good for myself. I chose to apply the Law of Polarity. I knew that somehow there must be an opposite and equal good for me and my family. “But where?”, I wondered.

I learned an important lesson from this. First, I learned that although there will always be an opposite and equal good, that blessing will often not take the same form as did the negative event. Second, the event became an experience that dramatically drew my wife and me much closer together and helped us appreciate each other and our time together. Third, our hearts were touched by all the outpouring of love, support, and care that our family received from family, friends, neighbors, and Heavenly Father.

There was absolutely a positive good attached to the negative event that happened in our lives, and it was definitely equal in strength to the bad that happened. We allowed the positive to come to us by expecting and having faith that it was there, looking for it, and being grateful for what we found.

The event has past, but we have been left with a feeling of gratitude and knowledge that something wonderful has been given to us, which we will always have.

Now apply this law to your own life. Write down three experiences that you can use the Law of Polarity with. Do it now!


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Cameran Hadlock

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