Overcoming a Great Personal Challenge

By Cameran Hadlock

I have a great personal challenge that I have yet to overcome, but I am about to reveal to you how I, and you, will finally and absolutely conquer it. My challenge, and probably yours as well, is the problem of exercising faith consistently and diligently enough until the desire is achieved. This means choosing to act day after day, month after month towards accomplishing the goal.

Has this ever happened to you? You start something and do it for a while, but soon lose your motivation and focus and end up not completing it. Your faith or diligence in making the goal happen slips away and the goal never materializes. Without constant watering a plant will die; without enough gasoline during a trip your car won’t make it. The exercise of faith sets us on the path; our constant diligence takes us down that path until we reach our destination.

I’ve found life to be the best teacher, so let me use an example from my own life to explain this point. I decided to set up a website and I knew that in order to get traffic I would need to constantly add more content to the site. The content I chose to add was my own articles.

After a couple weeks of writing, I started to wonder if anyone would really read my articles. Soon my doubts caused me to write less and less until nothing new was being added. My doubts had killed the diligence I needed to carry out the original faith I had felt for my website.

Now this is what you and I will do to conquer this particular challenge. Begin by first knowing in detail what it is you want; what’s the outcome. Second, visualize how great it feels to achieve the outcome. Third, repeat your outcome statement each day, ten times, feeling that same great feeling each time.

By completing with these three steps your faith will be very strong, because you’ve seen and felt the outcome as real each day. Then your faith will fuel your diligence to do whatever you need to do to reach that outcome. Following those three steps, will lead you to the fourth step, taking action. You will begin to automatically take action and easily accomplish those tasks needed to make your “faith reality” your physical reality.

You deserve better than to let your dreams slip away from you. I dare you to experiment with these four steps to make your dreams come true!


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Cameran Hadlock

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