Thank God for Your Challenges

By Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

What do you do when someone you love turns away from you? It could be a child, a spouse, a sibling or a friend. Life is full of misunderstandings. Many are caused by the fact that everyone sees circumstances through their own lens of beliefs and experiences.

Obviously, when you have a situation like this, you’ll want to try to set things right. You’ll do your part to apologize, forgive, and make restitution. But what if that doesn’t help? What if the other person isn’t ready to repair the relationship?

First, respect their freedom to choose how they feel. Honor the fact that their choices, feelings, and views are just as valid as your own. This can be hard to do, but at the very least, you can give this person the space to heal and to work things through for themselves.

Second, you can pray and give the person and the relationship to God. I have found visually meditating and imagining giving this person and the relationship to Christ incredibly helpful. This brings me a great deal of peace and allows me to let go of the need to control the outcome. I have seen miracles happen for my loved ones by giving them to God through visualization.

Third, in your mind thank the estranged person for playing the counterweight to your blessings. The Law of Polarity states that within everything bad is an equal and opposite good. On a grander scale, Divine Love sees to it that you have equal amounts of challenge and support in your life. Nature seeks a Divine Balance. Think of it as a teeter-totter that has blessings on one side and challenges on the other. Life is trying to keep that teeter totter balanced.

When all my dreams started coming true and my life got wonderful, there were some loved ones who were angry with me and distanced themselves. This hurt my feelings, and I tried everything I could think of to set things right. I prayed for guidance in repairing the relationships and did whatever I felt I could. Nothing helped.

Then one day I remembered The Law of Polarity and how Divine Love offers both challenge and support. Other than these challenging relationships, my life was fantastic! Utterly blissful! By law, I had to have a counterweight of challenge balancing my teeter-totter in opposition to those fantastic blessings. In realizing this, I became incredibly grateful for these people who chose to be the counterweight to my blessings.

There were lots of other challenges I could have had. I could have had disease or financial challenges or something worse. All I had to endure was a group of people who had distanced themselves from me. I began to see that they were an incredible blessing to me. They had unwittingly agreed to play the role of challenge to my otherwise incredibly supportive life.

Every time I saw one of these people, I began to thank them in my mind for being the counterweight to my blessings. Every time I felt hurt or frustration or missed these people, I thanked them in my mind for playing the role of counterweight to my wonderful blessings.

In time, many of these relationships resolved themselves … not by anything I did. They just miraculously were set right again. Perhaps it was because my vibration changed. Maybe I was no longer projecting a needy energy. Maybe they were given the necessary time to heal.

Whatever challenge you’re dealing with, count your blessings. Then begin thanking God for your challenges. They are the counterweight to all your blessings.


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