Share YOUR Story!

Have you experienced a life-shift from any of the Rare Faith books or trainings?

Let us celebrate your victory with you!

If you’ve read one of the books (The Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters, or Portal to Genius) or if you’ve experienced one of my trainings (such as the Visual Aid that Changed Everything, the Mindset Mastery Program or Genius Bootcamp), or if one of the Podcast Episodes made a difference for you, you just might have a story to share.

If you’re willing to share your experience, you might get featured in my blog, and/or an upcoming issue of the Rare Faith Newsletter!

Simply follow these instructions below. I encourage you to write it in a separate Word or Google document or Notepad (saving often), and then copy the final draft in a message to me. Okay? Here we go:

1) Create a compelling headliner

Sum it up in one sentence. Begin with what book/program/video/training you experienced, and end with how it helped.

Here are some examples (please notice, it doesn’t have to be a huge victory by anyone else’s standards, it can be huge for YOU, and that’s good enough!)

  • “After reading Hidden Treasures, I stopped worrying about the future.”
  • “After reading The Jackrabbit Factor, I was able to take my family of 6 to Hawaii – our first real vacation EVER!”
  • “After completing the Mindset Mastery program, I was able to retire from my medical practice.”
  • “After watching the Stickman Video, I found the courage to ask for a $6000 annual raise – and I got it!”
  • “After being in the Weekly Forum for just 4 weeks, I was finally able to forgive a grudge I had been carrying for 25 years.”
  • “After attending Genius Bootcamp, I thought of an idea that would double our income, and we did it last year!”

2) Fill in the details

Now that you’ve summed it up in one little headline, now tell me the rest of the story. I’d love to hear it all, from start to finish. There is no restrictions on word count, but just understand that if I use it in an upcoming newsletter, I may need to edit it for brevity. By submitting your story, you agree to allow such edits. I will always preserve the meaning, context, and intent, but reserve the right to make length and grammatical clarity adjustments as needed.

3) Tell who you are!

Be sure to leave your name the way you want it printed. You can provide your full name, a pen name, or you can sign your initials. Also tell us where you’re from, if you’re willing.

By submitting your story, you grant us permission to use your comments in my newsletter or other promotional materials. 

4) Submit your responses using my contact form (click here).

Thank you!

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