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I received a tender email recently from one of my readers. Some stories I hear are very sacred and I have to be careful and respectful about what is made public, but through this one, I want you to see that answers to prayer are very real. It’s my hope that by sharing this, you can feel increased hope and faith that your prayers can be answered too.

She wrote:

“We experienced some huge financial losses with the real estate crash. We were left with about $1 million of debt to family and friends who were in secondary loan positions on a failed real estate project. I have received several [impressions] over the last 10 years… that we would help people throughout the world financially. It seems like we’ve been headed in the opposite direction of [that promise].

“About 30 days ago I started asking different questions of Heavenly Father. I asked Him to teach me the laws of abundance and to show me what I needed to do in our real estate business and in our other business to have the wealth that He promised. Within days I was led to the Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures. I see now that they were brought to me as a direct answer to my prayers. Even as I write this, the Spirit is testifying with so much power in my heart that He led me to these principles as a result of my asking.

“I cannot thank you enough for being a vessel for Him to teach me and thousands of others these principles. I can see that Heavenly Father desires to bless us so much more than we even begin to recognize. The power of asking and the power of gratitude is so amazing! Last week Heavenly Father told me to begin a gratitude journal. He told me to write 10 things in the morning and 10 things at night. That has blessed me so amazingly! I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude. I am beginning to see the power of gratitude in receiving the abundance that is all around us.

“About 10 days ago I told Heavenly Father that we needed $5000 as soon as possible. I wrote it down in my journal and I asked Him what I needed to do to receive it. The impression came that I needed to follow the laws of thought that you have taught me. I thought the money would come a certain way and it didn’t.

“About a week later a woman called from a postcard we sent out that said we wanted to buy her house. She said that her mother had died 18 months ago and she just wanted to walk away from the house owing nothing. We figured it out and it needed about $7000 of fix up and we would make about $18,000 profit. I told my husband that I was going to borrow $12,000 on the house, $7k for the fix up and $5k for profit taken up front. He agreed that that was a good idea.

“I bought the house the day after we first saw it with zero out-of-pocket. She signed over the house and just let us take over the payments. We borrowed the $12,000 the day after that. The morning that I received the $12,000 I was looking at my journal and saw where I had written the $5000 goal. The Spirit witnessed to me that this deal that we had just done was a direct result or answer to my plea for $5000. I never thought that the $5000 would come from this source but He showed me that I don’t have to know how it’s going to come, just that it will come.

“Thank you again so very very very much for generously sharing the things you learned.”

This is why I share my books for free. If you haven’t read them yet, you can request them here: The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can and Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters.

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