M&Ms, Bingo, and Soap

Meet Janita Boer, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate.

Janita joined the course and had a similar experience to Kristi during her inconsequential goal from Phase 1 of the Mindset Mastery course.

In Janita’s words:

For my midterm, I decided that I wanted to see a commercial that I really liked and haven’t seen for a long time. The commercial was the M&M commercial where “Ms. Brown” M&M was at a party and talking to her girl friends, while these guys were looking at her and laughing. When she asked what that was all about, one of her girl friends said “they’re laughing because they think you have no clothes.” As she was telling the guys that it was the color of her shell (and she was clearly annoyed), the red M&M walks in, see’s ‘Ms. Brown’, and says “Oh… it’s that kind of party!” Then proceeds to rip off his red shell and dance around to music.

It was so funny to me the first time I saw it, I said to myself that I wanted to see this commercial. I thought about it, pictured it in my mind, and it didn’t work. To this day I haven’t seen the commercial. I was stuck on this for a few weeks, wondering what I was doing wrong.

Well, last week, my job had Employee Appreciation Week and so the week was filled with fun activities and games for all of the employees. When I got to work on Thursday, my team leader passed out Bingo cards to everyone on my team and I didn’t think much of it. Well, every half hour, everyone received an email with Bingo numbers on it, so I decided I would play and I also decided that I was going to win Bingo. I briefly pictured it in my mind, and then didn’t think about it anymore. I only played the game as the Bingo numbers were sent to us in the email, and to my surprise I won! It was so easy that when I won, I thought that maybe it was just a coincidence and that I didn’t manifest that. However, after getting some coaching, I realized that I really did manifest winning Bingo!

What I discovered between the commercial and winning Bingo was that with the commercial, I kept thinking about it, how it was going to happen, when it was going to happen. Would I be watching TV or be on YouTube and see it? Would it happen on Wednesday, or Friday? I didn’t trust that it would happen without me doing something to make it happen and of course, it didn’t happen. In essence, I turned something that was suppose to be inconsequential into something significant and made it mean that if it didn’t work that I was wrong in some way. With the Bingo game, I just thought about it at the beginning of the day, and how happy I would be to win it, and that was it. I played the game and didn’t give it any other thought – just enjoyed playing the game – actually had fun playing it, and it happened! I’m looking forward to practicing and mastering this! And I am also going to share my experiences more often as I go through the rest of the program.

We’ve heard this before, haven’t we?

It’s a common epiphany among many of our Mindset Mastery students – that our goal achievement efforts just seem to go better when we don’t stress or overthink them. Janita realized that the way she was thinking about it, the commercial did not remain inconsequential in the way it was supposed to be for the Phase 1 experiment.

So reader, I encourage you to try this with YOUR next experiment – set the intention, feel it as though it’s already been accomplished, and then let the seed grow without constantly disturbing the soil to see how it’s doing. Give your dream-seed a fighting chance, and if you need hand-holding to help you identify gaps in your understanding, I hope you’ll join us in the Mindset Mastery program, especially the Guided version if you want the extra support that comes with that.

And remember, the intention behind the Phase 1 experiment is to simply discover the connection between your thoughts and your circumstances so that you can move beyond Phase 1 with increased confidence, and onto Phase 2 where you look at your life’s purpose and begin using the principles to overcome the blocks that keep you from finding and fulfilling your God-given mission. Don’t let yourself stay parked at Phase 1!

Anyway, I asked Janita: “Did you face a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?”

She replied:

I think I was very effective at being able to think truth in spite of appearances. I was able to write it all down, everything that I feared, without attaching meaning to it. And I also thought, even if all this happens, I will still be happy because I’ll still have what’s important.

I also asked her, “If you had difficulty with anxiety or other troubling emotions, did you find a method for overcoming them?” She said:

Whenever I had any troubling emotions come up, I reminded myself of what I was learning in the program. I would go back and read my journal entries and the notes I made from each lesson. I reminded myself of what it would feel like to reach my goals and it motivated me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I am very grateful for this course!

When I asked her to tell me about her Phase 2 Goal, she had a lot to say – because this was where she also faced a terror barrier. (The Phase 2 goals is meant to be a bite-sized piece of a difficult, meaningful, or important goal, in comparison to the Inconsequential Goal from Phase 1.) She answered:

After a series of heart break concerning losing jobs, I decided that I wanted to have my own business. I no longer wanted to be at the mercy of someone who could tell me that I was no longer needed or wanted at a job. It was an exciting prospect – the possibility of actually owning my own business, and the more I thought about it, the more excited I became.

“Luxury Suds – Artisan Soaps by Janita” was birthed out of the Mindset Mastery program. As I was working on one of the earlier assignments – the one where you write down anything you can do to bring in additional income for your family – I wrote down everything I could think of and nothing I wrote down excited me. Then while taking a break from studying, I began to think about a luxury bar of soap that I had purchased from TJ Maxx that I could no longer find in the stores.

And then it hit me… “I can make soap!!!” The thought lit me up, even though I didn’t have the first clue how to even make soap. From that moment, I began watching videos on YouTube and reading books on how to make soap. I bought a book called “Soap Making Business Startup” and read it from cover to cover. I made my first batch in August of 2019 and was kind of disappointed that to me it didn’t turn out as nice as some of the others did on the YouTube videos. So I kept making it, getting better and better with each batch.

I broke through a terror barrier when I started my business. In fact, I broke through several terror barriers through this process. I had never owned a business before. I always worked for someone else, or assisted others. I always thought that I would work for one company for the rest of my working years, and retire from that company. However, this never seemed to happen for me.

Then after talking with my best friend and finding out how easy it was to get an LLC for my business, I decided I would move forward. That’s when the terror set in.

Thoughts ran through my head that stopped me in my tracks. Thoughts like, “What if my business isn’t successful?” “What if I fail miserably?” “What if I don’t make enough money to support myself and my family?” “What if I don’t have the energy to run my own business?” And the main thought that stopped me was, “I don’t even have the money to pay for the LLC! Where am I going to get the money?”

All these “What if…” thoughts came pouring in and it stopped me for about 2 months. Then I attended Genius Bootcamp, and while taking this course, I was not only able to earn enough money selling soap to purchase my LLC, I got so many of the questions plaguing my mind answered regarding starting a business! It was awesome!

As I continued to work through the Mindset Mastery Course, I found out through my research that I needed a few other things before I could go live with my business. I needed a Tax Privilege License in order to do business in the city of Phoenix and Maricopa County, as well as an EIN. I needed to create a brand logo and a website as well. When I discovered what needed to be done for me to get the business license, I was stopped because when I actually tried to get the license, the website was down and wouldn’t allow me to do it when I wanted to. For two weeks after that, I did nothing with the business, didn’t make any more soap or anything. I wondered if this would really happen for me because what I was running up against seemed overwhelming to me.

Then one morning I pushed through the terror barrier and took action. I went to the site, applied for my license and it worked! Afterward, I discovered that the only reason it wouldn’t let me get it the first time was due to the fact that the system for it goes offline every night after 8:00 PM.

So my bite-sized goal was to have a soap party so I could showcase and sell my soap. I wrote it out as follows: “I am so happy and grateful to be hosting my very first soap party! My friend agreed to host it at her home and it was a huge success! All of the guests were able to try the soaps I made and they were all so impressed that I sold out of my inventory!”

After setting the goal, I actually got a phone call from a friend of mine who absolutely loves handmade soap, and she suggested hosting a soap party at her house so that others could try it! We actually created it on that phone call, and agreed we would call certain people and invite them. As a result, several people showed up – some I knew and others I met for the first time at the party.

We set it up so at all those who attended could sample the soaps before purchasing, and they enjoyed it so much, that I sold 75% of the soaps I made at the party. After the party ended, I went to a “going away” party for friends of mine who were relocating out of the country, and while I was there, I sold more soap! I didn’t even intend to sell the soap anywhere else but the soap party, but the opportunity presented itself and I sold even more! I still didn’t sell out of my inventory, but I was absolutely elated at meeting my goal of having the party and having people enjoy my product! It gave me the confidence I needed to continue working and building my business and helped me see that I have created something that others want to enjoy.

I never knew that I would love creating soap so much. It fulfills my desire to have an enjoyable profession that allows me to not only be imaginative, but to share my creative inspirations with others.

Janita concluded with these generous words:

This course has truly made a difference in my transformation. I’ve taken other courses before that have helped me, and this one brought it all together. What I’ve learned in this program gave me an understanding of how things have come about in my life in the past, and also gave me the knowledge of how to have things in my life go the way I want them to go.

During the course of the program I discovered that over the past several years, I had began educational courses at colleges 6 times and never completed them. I realized I had an issue with giving up – thinking that it would take too long or that I wasn’t diligent enough to finish. So I made it a goal to complete this course no matter what and I am so very grateful that I did. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to transform their life.


And since then, Janita’s business has taken off! It’s called Luxury Suds – Artisan Soaps by Janita, handmade vegan soaps using natural ingredients. Check it out at www.janitasluxurysuds.com.

She added:

I truly am grateful to have been able to take this life transforming course. Please let Leslie know that I said thank you for making this available to others. 🙂 Sincerely, Janita Boer

Well done, Janita, and congratulations! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!


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