Going With The Flow

By Angi Bair

Rivers flow through the mountains and valleys all around us. Sometimes the flow is smooth and almost tranquil and you can barely tell the water is moving. Other times the rivers are raging and tumultuous going over rocks and cliffs and sometimes creating beautiful waterfalls.

Sometimes these are the most beautiful parts of the river. Waterfalls are can be the most beautiful sights, and we often go looking for them and hiking to them just to experience their beauty. The waterfall is the most disruptive part of the flowing water. It drops and cascades over many obstacles and that is what creates the beauty and that is what we find exciting and exhilarating to watch and explore.

The same is true in our lives. The things that are most tumultuous, disruptive or difficult in our lives are the very things that make us who were are. They can be our defining moments. These are usually the things that make us unique and beautiful. It is because of our experiences that people are drawn to us and love us.

If you follow the path of the river there are times that it is slow and peaceful. There are times that it twists and turns. Moments of a little bit of tranquility mixed with moments of rushing, crashing, and fast moving water. There are waterfalls, and then at the bottom there are pools of peace and tranquility. The water regroups before moving on the journey.

We follow the same pattern. We have times of peace and tranquility where everything seems to be moving along easily. We may encounter a few small twists and turns, or even a few boulders, but for the most part it is slow and simple, yet gently moving forward. Other times we may be at the edge of the cliff just about to descend over the edge, into a giant waterfall. This is our moment of beauty. This is when we grow and learn and magnify who we are. It may be a giant drop off, or a series of small drop offs over and over. Eventually we land at the bottom in a pool of peace and gather ourselves together and regroup before continuing down the path.

Everything in life has a rhythm, from our beating hearts to our daily breath, from our childhood to adulthood, from our trials to our joy and happiness. Once we recognize that life has rhythm we can learn to go with the flow. We can be less stressed out and live a more peaceful happy life. If you have ever been river rafting you know there is a time to paddle, a time to rest, and a time to hang on. Life is the same journey. Sometimes we are paddling really hard to get to our
destination. Other times we are resting and just floating down a section of the river, and other times we have done everything we can do and we just hang on and wait until we get through the rapids.

By recognizing that life has a rhythm we can be more aware of what stage we are in and then face that section of river knowing that things will eventually change. If we are paddling really hard we can know that peace and rest are coming. If we are at peace and resting we can fully enjoy those moments and be grateful for the peacefulness. And if we are just hanging on tight, we can KNOW that eventually the waterfall cascades into a pool and we will land into its

So rather than trying to paddle upstream or stress out through the rapids. Go with the flow. Enjoy the river. Enjoy the moments. Embrace the beauty of the waterfall. And bask in the pool of tranquility.


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