Gardening and the Laws

By Molly Simpson

Gardening and the Laws of Success

Who doesn’t love fresh tomatoes or sweet peas straight off the vine? My husband and I have had an annual vegetable garden for over 25 years. Any avid gardener works with the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, whether they are aware of it or not. There are some helpful tips to know about gardening that are also true when working with the Law of Perpetual Transmutation.

  1. First, select the variety of seeds according to your desired harvest.
  2. Second, plant in nutrient rich soil and nourish regularly.
  3. Third, prevent damage from predators, pestilence or decay.

Selecting Good Seeds

One of our family’s favorite activities is looking through seed catalogs and the seed stands at the local garden store.  Have you ever noticed just how many options there are? The seeds themselves, in their current state have no immediate value. Gardeners are buying what the seeds will hopefully produce come harvest time. The seed envelopes are clearly labeled with pictures and descriptions of the contents.  Inevitably, we always buy more seeds than we use. We only have so much garden space each year so not everything gets planted.

While this task seems simple, when it comes to selecting our thought seeds, the challenge is real.  It seems logical that if one wants watermelon, they don’t use eggplant seeds. However, some may be mystified as to why they are not reaping a positive harvest, when their dominant thoughts are negative in nature. Many people have thought seeds planted when they are very young and unknowingly feed them by keeping them running in their mind. Often those thoughts are not in harmony with who they want to become.

Are the thought-seeds you are planting in harmony with your values and ideals?  Will they one day bear fruit that brings you joy? Your thought seed selection is virtually limitless. If you are planting a garden or thoughts in your mind, make sure the seeds are good. What will you choose?

Plant Seeds in Nutrient Rich Soil

This may be the least desirable step but also one of the most important.  If you plant your seeds in clay, they will drown because there is no drainage. If you plant in sand, they will dehydrate because there is too much drainage. Necessary minerals must be present in the soil in order for the seed to germinate and grow, as well.  Neglect will cause decay and death.

Daily is best when it comes to nourishment of seeds as well as our mind. Creating new habits of thought takes consistent and powerful effort. Are your heart and mind open and ready to receive the new ideas you are forming?  Does your mind immediately dry up the idea with doubt, or flood the idea out with fear? Staying in a place of faith and belief automatically rids one’s mind of doubt and fear and helps our thought seeds to germinate and grow. Whatever we focus on expands, whether it be for a benefit or detriment.

Protect the New Growth

When the little seedlings start to poke through the fresh soil is when they are most vulnerable. There are countless lethal threats to these tiny organisms.  Weeds can strangle and suffocate, birds can consume, fungus or disease can mutilate.

We must be just as watchful over our thought seeds.  Well meaning people can trigger fear and doubt by thoughtless words.  Past results can suffocate our belief. Apathy can cause our thought seeds to shrivel. We must guard our good seeds and only allow our minds to focus on constant nourishment.

The harvest will come, by law! Only you can choose if your harvest will be weeds and thorns, or sweet and delicious fruits. You are the gatekeeper and can demolish or nourish any thought that enters. Only you can choose which seeds will grow in your powerful mind’s garden.


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