The flashbacks could have derailed me

Meet Cosette Snarr.

It’s been my pleasure to work with Cosette both on her incredible book about overcoming some of the most difficult marriage challenges I’ve ever heard of, as well as on her preparations for Facilitating our Rare Faith programs. Cosette is a sharp, dynamic, WISE woman with so much to share, and I’m thrilled to be introducing her to you as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate.

As it goes with all of our graduates, I had a few questions:

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

A. I don’t know that I really did, certainly not as others have described. Because of that, I’ve wondered if I’ve done enough, had big enough goals.

That said, when I made the goal to at least have a desire to want to eat better, there was that little voice in the back of my mind that said, “Why bother? You know it won’t work.” I’ve tried so many times before and felt there was nothing left in me to go for it again, but deep down I really wanted to. I decided to push past those beliefs and go through the steps anyway, trusting that it would work. And it did! Not only am I eating better and enjoying it, but I’m also releasing excess fat from my body that up until now I’ve struggled with.

Q. Tell me about some of the things you accomplished through this course.

About a week into the pandemic my husband came home from work and said they were cutting his hours back from 40/week to 32/week. That meant we’d also lose any overtime pay, which we counted on. At first, I was really concerned; then I reminded myself that the money is always there for us and we’d find a way. My husband and I sat down and discussed our options. It was clear, he needed to find a job.

I felt at peace and turned it over to the Lord. Within 2 days my husband found a position that would more than cover what we would lose from his primary job. In the months that have followed, our financial position has been better than I thought possible.

Just before we found out my husband’s hours were going to be cut back and I’d signed up for the Author’s Retreat for $6000, we found out we owed $5000 in taxes and took a $6000 loss in an investment we thought was doing really well.

I knew we could pay for the taxes out of our savings, but the other two things were issues. As it turned out, I never had to touch the savings, and we recouped our loss. All that is wonderful, but the best part is I felt calm throughout the whole experience.

I first started this course on my own [self-paced] and set a goal to get clarity on how to write my book. I knew I needed to write about my experiences over the last 30+ years, but I was struggling mightily with a format and just how to go about it without making my husband look bad. I prayed, and pondered, always imagining that my book was going to provide a way for other people to see how they could change their lives. It finally came together.

When I started Guided PLUS, I set another goal, to even begin to have a desire to take action on releasing the excess fat I’ve been carrying around for a long time. Honestly, I questioned being able to do so, but I wanted to want it.

I wrote down several statements of how I’d feel as a healthy, thin person and started listening to those statements over and over. At first it was discouraging that my habits weren’t changing at all, but gradually I started to want to change my eating. It was surprising how easy the changes became. I hasn’t felt the same as the times I started all those diets in the past.

I still have a ways to go to reach my ideal weight, but I know it will all come together. I’m enjoying my food AND even enjoying preparing it. That was also a big deal for me. I feel calm and assured I’m on the right track for my health. I haven’t felt this good about it for a very long time.

Q. Evaluate and describe the outcome of your experience of facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18. How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

For me to handle that job-loss situation with as little fear as I did is remarkable, considering the number of years my husband never had a stable job. It would have been easy to allow flashbacks of those years to derail me, but I didn’t.

If you had difficulty with anxiety or other troubling emotions, did you find a way to overcome them? Please describe your experience.

Actually, I faced the anxiety and such years ago, not so much during this course. I’ve learned through a lot of experience that I can be at peace with circumstances in my life I don’t understand and trust that God is in charge. He has NEVER let me down.

Cosette left us with the following comments about her experience:

It’s been better than I even thought it would be. I’m anxious to learn how to [facilitate] the Guided Mindset Mastery class. I think that might be my favorite one to teach.

This [Mindset Mastery] course can be life-changing if you’re willing to put in the effort. I loved the way it challenged me and made me look at myself and some of my beliefs in a different way. I participated in the Guided course and really enjoyed having a group of people to share my thoughts and experiences with. The leaders are magnificent and so concerned about helping you achieve your goals and be successful. I loved everything about the experience!

And fast forward to October 2020, and here she is at our Facilitator Conference, rockin’ the purple hair in the center. Congratulations on your success, Cosette, we love you and look forward to your upcoming book!


Leslie Householder

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