“And then what would happen?”

Meet Judy Young.

Judy is fascinated by life! She can watch an animal for hours on end and never get tired. She is overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and is fascinated by the human mind. She’s spent a lifetime studying personal development, including working for Tony Robbins as his personal assistant. She taught Sunday School for five years, and is a never-ending student, with a goal to help herself, and as many others as possible.

I’m thrilled now to be introducing her to you as a Mindset Mastery Program Honors Graduate. As she applied for graduation, I had a few questions:

Q. Did you struggle with the process during the course?

For BOTH goals, it seemed to be the same: I didn’t make up my mind! I kept changing from this to that to something else! I kept thinking, well, there’s nothing specific I need, but a lot of things I want.

I continued to second guess myself on every decision.

I frequently changed my decisions.

I would write something but not hone it and complete it.

I kept thinking it wasn’t a good enough goal, or I didn’t get specific enough.

Because I didn’t write it down specifically and hone it, I never allowed myself to sit in the picture of it completed and feel and the feels of it being done!

I also kept getting caught up in HOW, and not just feeling it done!!!

I also kept questioning or second guessing myself in how much I just believe and how much I do, if anything – and if I had to do something, then was it a worthy goal?

Q. What was your Phase 1 Inconsequential Goal?

My immediate thought was of a curved shell from a broken piece of jewelry that I once I had. I don’t know why I thought of that shell, maybe because of Leslie’s story about seeking out a shell, but that’s what came to mind.

I pictured holding it in my hand, feeling the curve of it, noticing how tiny but strong it was, seeing the ever so slight tint of blue it had, and feeling happy that I had it in my hand.

I left it at that and went on to other things. For two more days, I did not find a shell.

In the mean time, two days later, I had to go somewhere, and so I got out my make up bag. I then got distracted, before I put any make up on, and left it. Then, when I was ready to put it on, I could no longer find the make up bag.

So, I decided to take that opportunity and picture finding the makeup bag, being pleasantly surprised and happy, and feeling the mesh of the bag in my hand.

I then went ahead and did other things that needed to be done, actually forgetting about the bag.

I then did find it, not long afterwards, in a very unlikely place! It was in the middle of, and goodness knows why, a pile of clothes I had gathered to take to the laundry room.

That was that. I WAS happy, and felt like I had ‘accomplished’ something, but still thought about the shell from time to time.

But about that shell…

I did keep thinking I would find a shell like that, somewhere, and kept wondering WHERE it would be. I had no plans to go to the beach, so I kept wondering if I would find it outside my house, outside a business, outside a hotel where I might stay. I just sporadically wondered where I would find a shell like that.

I then actually forgot about it again, until tonight, when I re-read my notes from that lesson, and re-listened to that particular lesson.
THEN, it came to me, how funny I thought it would be if I walked into my bedroom and found that shell.

So, just for the heck of it, I got up, went into my room, went right to a box of miscellaneous inexpensive jewelry, dumped it out on my coffee table – and there, before my eyes, was the shell I had pictured! I did, in fact, laugh!

I didn’t know I still had that shell, or why I would have even kept it (since the jewelry is broken!) It’s just what happened to come to mind when Leslie was talking about seeking her shell, so I went with it.

I found that shell, and then started to put the rest of the jewelry back, and then I found another small curved shell, and another, and another, and another…

I had a whole bunch, and I have no idea why! BUT, the most interesting part is that the shell I pictured, and felt, was thin, and had a tint of blue! The FIRST shell I found was exactly that – thin, with a tint of blue!

I don’t know if you can tell from the photo I am sharing, but it is, in fact, the thinnest of the group of shells I found, and, the only one with a tint of blue! I don’t think you can see the slight tint of blue on that shell, but it’s there.

Q. What did you do to help you think truth in spite of appearances in assignment/lesson 18?

“In the midst of chaos in the world, and a possible job loss, my worst fear was loss of income, thus leading to a potential loss of my home and a potential loss of my car. Thankfully, I did something that really helped – playing a – ‘and then what would happen?’ game…”

It’s to help alleviate fear and worry from any given situation, or potential situation – allowing us (me) then, to more easily focus on the ‘as if’ mindset in a positive manner instead!

This is a TWO person exercise. IDEALLY, at least initially, the person is not your spouse or partner (because then you might filter your answers and/or they might be ‘tempted’ to give input/feedback)- but if there’s no one else to do it with, of course, do.

Person ONE talks about their issue – or potential issue, and what ‘might’ happen. (For instance, I MIGHT be laid off, come October 1st).
Person TWO has ONE job – and only says FIVE words, no more, no less, over and, over and over, and over and over and over and over and over…. NEVER any feedback, or opinion, or input, etc!

Those five words are: “And then what would happen?”

Person ONE talks through his/her own problem, and keeps answering that same question, which Person TWO continues to ask, until they come to their own final resolution, and only that person will know when the exercise is over.

I highly suggest it!

At least try it, at least once.

It is a beautiful thing! ❤

So, I don’t often get stuck in fear of the future. My ‘stuckness’ usually comes from other limiting beliefs about what I am actually capable of.

Q. If you had difficulty with anxiety or other troubling emotions, how did you deal with them?

It is 100% what I focus on! I do best when I continue to feed my mind with good stuff – Bible, re-listening or reading lessons from you, or other educational materials. Praying. Listening to sermons on line. This all helps me to change my state of mind – aka – my vibration! THEN I am way more resourceful!

Q. What was your goal or intention for the Phase 2 experiment?

I finished Guided Mindset Mastery in the fall, BUT, I had not completed my end of course goal!
I kept going back and forth with thoughts, and ideas about what my goal should be! I kept thinking, for it to qualify as a 9 or a 10, it has to be BIG, and “impossible”, and,MUST take a looooooooong time to complete. I would not allow myself to settle on ONE thing.
I can not tell you how many times I changed my mind about it!
Finally TODAY, I broke through my limiting beliefs and programming about it – and wrote this goal:
“I’m so HAPPY and sooooooo EXTREMELY over the moon ecstatic, relieved, and oh so incredibly GRATEFUL, now that the tree that sits outside my front door is trimmed! FINALLY!!! I now enjoy the view of the river, once again, from the bench that sits on the upper part of my property! I am relieved, happy, grateful, ECSTATIC, and full of JOY!!!! Thank you Lord! Thank you Heavenly Father! FINALLY! YAHOOOOO!!!”
This tree, for me, has been a pain for most of 2020! It has grown up to overtake the front of my house, the street, and the view. It’s REALLY ugly in the winter – though in the spring and summer, and partway through fall it has leaves and is nicer to look at, but it is still out of hand!
Could I have paid someone to trim it by now? Yes. But in my mind, because of how I was raised, my first go-to is NOT doing that, but rather doing it myself. I have tried. But because my street is slanted, any time I have stood on a ladder I have fallen! So I was definitely not going to try that again.
The second part of hiring someone is trust. So I have also asked for referrals.
Two different friends (including a neighbor) have said they would have someone contact me. I have even asked for phone numbers.
For some crazy reason (blocks in my own mind?) this has NOT happened.
Last summer my neighbor said he would have it trimmed for me by his friend. It never happened! I even approached him about it AGAIN in October. I stood beside him as he made a phone call to his friend about getting it done. Again, it never happened!
Even though this was one of MANY ideas I had for my end of term goal, I did NOT do one major thing – WRITE IT DOWN precisely, specifically and clearly! I DID write things down, but I did not hone it properly, because I was too busy changing my mind over and over and over again! So therefore, I was never able to FEEL it done (with all the other senses involved), until NOW!
Honestly, I kept getting caught up in HOW, and not just feeling it done!!!
So, once I wrote it down with precision and clarity – I sat on the bench I referred to, and really immersed myself in the feelings about it, saw it completed, felt it, imagined, and felt the JOY and EXCITEMENT about it!
I then asked my neighbor, once again, for the phone number of his friend who does this. My neighbor, again, did not give me the phone number, but said he would cut it later today. I said I really wanted to get it done TODAY, and he said he was running a couple of errands, then he would get it done.
For me, this goal was not only a 10, but maybe even a 20!! It has been a burr in my bonnet for way too long, and though the answer might seem simple (go to the phone book and hire someone), my own personal beliefs and blocks still had that tree standing there!
Furthermore, when I submitted the goal to Leslie, in an email earlier, I told her it was done, just before a call I was supposed to be on today at 2:30pm. (before it was actually done). And guess what!?? That is EXACTLY what happened!
Here are the before and after pics…

Congratulations, Judy! Keep up the great work!!

More about Judy:

Judy has since joined us on the Rare Faith Program Facilitator Track to help us deliver Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp classes to others. Browse her articles and learn more about what she’s up to here.

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