Finding Peace

By Jimi Teague

As I write this there is a peace in the air that only comes when one has let go of the illusion of control and has accepted that a higher power is ultimately able to guide and protect them, if they will only listen and act on inspiration.

We as a people have become distracted by shiny things.  Phones, television, sports and other seemingly unimportant things have been put in place as idols in our society.   We have hurried and hustled like time is running out and yet we procrastinate doing the most important things, like spending time with family and studying scripture.

I was raised in a home where meals were eaten with the whole family around the dinner table and the meal was blessed before anyone picked up a fork.  Church services were not optional. If the church doors were open, we were there.  We were expected to treat our elders with dignity and respect.  There was a swift consequence if rules were not followed. We were polite, well-mannered and we deeply cared about our neighbors and friends. If someone was in need, we helped them out, whether we liked them or not.  We put our differences aside and did the right thing purely because it was the right thing to do.  Our family and our faith were the most important things.

The legacy my grandparents left was not one of financial wealth but relationship wealth.  They taught us relationships and people were the most important thing and that our relationship with our Heavenly Father kept us on the straight and narrow path to feel conviction when we were wrong and confirmation when we were in line with his spirit.  This open line of communication with our Heavenly Father is our compass.

At the time of this writing, a deadly virus has been spreading across the planet at a high rate of speed and it seems the only way to avoid a catastrophic loss of life is for everyone that can, to stay at home.  The governor in my state has declared a shelter in place order and many other states have been quarantined in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.  All schools are closed and children are being homeschooled.  All sporting events have been canceled, even the Olympics.  Gatherings of more than 10 people are no longer allowed and churches are having services online.  Many people are working from home now.  This might sound like a sci-fi horror film but it is our current reality.

I began this article speaking about a peace in the air.  You may be wondering at this point how I am feeling peace in the midst of the chaos that surrounds our planet.  As I have watched these events unfold over the last few weeks I have seen a change sweep across our country. Parents are no longer in a hurry to get to the ball games and wherever they thought they had to go before all this chaos happened.  People are resting. They are allowing their spirit to settle, to relax and a calm has begun to replace the hustle.  Parents are spending quality time with their children, getting to know them and what amazing little people they are.

Many people have turned to scripture to find answers. They are reaching out in prayer. Maybe it was out of fear at first but they are opening up those lines of communication and I can feel a shift of people doing the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Without all the noise and shiny distractions, they are hearing inspiration and they are taking action to help their neighbors.

So, where does my peace come from?  My peace comes from knowing what I can control and releasing what I can’t. I can control my mindset, how I choose to believe and behave. When I have a choice, I choose to believe in what is good and worthy.   Time and time again when I have reached the end of all I had to give I have seen miracles happen when I just turned it over to Heavenly Father and let go of the outcome.  Through this crisis I have seen the people in America do the same thing and what is taking place has truly been a miracle.

I encourage you to find peace.  Choose to believe in what is good and worthy. Choose to stay calm and listen to the voice of inspiration. Step forward in faith when you know what to do and trust that as long as you follow the right compass things will work out for your best future.


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  1. Erika G

    Jimi, that was so beautifully written and exactly what I needed right now. Thank you ❤️

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