19 Rules of Prosperity

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What if you knew that by living by principles, everything would just work itself out? The challenge comes in trying to live by the principles. It’s not always easy to do, but at least the results are dependable.

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  1. I have some question…
    Can I have what I want or am I suppose to be OK with what I have?… is wealth only gotten through sweat, work, time away from children or can I become prosperous with little time away?
    Is my prosperity connected to my husband’s or can I become prosperous even if he has money hang ups?

    1. Hi Lauri, that’s a big question. Yes, you can have what you want. But I’d just counsel you to be careful, because sometimes I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted and then realized I would have been better off not wanting it. Yes, you can become prosperous from home. Yes, it can be hard work. But when you choose to love what you do, it doesn’t have to feel like work. You can prosper even if your husband has hangups. It isn’t easy, but it’s possible. To illustrate how it CAN work, I encourage you to read Portal to Genius (free) at http://www.portaltogenius.com. (It is the sequel to Jackrabbit Factor, which you should read first, and which is also free, here: http://www.jackrabbitfactor.com).

      1. Thank u….I am supposing there is a balance or intertwining relationship of hard work , it skills…and positive thinking. …
        Thank u…I am really learning from you! You are an excellent teacher..making difficult topics clear.

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