Debt Yo-Yo Be Gone

Tamara Shimmin

Overcoming the debt yo-yo to experience true financial freedom can feel insurmountable. You have been out of debt so many times, just to fall back into the trap one more time. My husband and I had sold some properties and had $100,000 in the bank. We finally broke the yo-yo string, or so we thought. Within one year, it was gone! We had nothing to show for it, not even a new car. In another few years, we were back in debt again.

Grit and perseverance don’t break the cycle.

Why should this time be any different? Because you have learned the Universal Success principles, and now it is time to LIVE them. This time will be permanent.

Are you ready? Decide what you want. Picture what it would look like to have permanent financial freedom! Ask yourself questions to provide clarity. How would you spend your time? Would you travel? How would you travel? Would you own an RV? What kind? Where would you go? What would you do there? Would you serve a mission? What kind of mission? How long would you serve? Would you work on humanitarian projects? What kind? Whose lives would you bless with your abundance? Where would you live? What would your home look like? Would you have a second house? What kind of car would you drive? What color would it be?

Now that you are clear on what you want, write it down. God can’t bless you if you don’t ask. So, ask. Include every detail. My husband and I once asked for a motorhome. We wrote down all the things we wanted in our motorhome. Only, we forgot one thing. We didn’t ask for the motorhome to be in good repair! Be very clear about what you ask for.

Next, read your goal several times a day. Feel what it would feel like to live in abundance and have all that you asked for. Express gratitude to God for this blessing. Listen to the spark ideas that will move you toward abundance. Abundance wants you as much as you want abundance. It will come to you as you move toward it.

Your sub-conscious mind will want to reject this new idea of abundance, but as you keep picturing what you want. You will overcome your old programing that has been keeping you in the debt cycle. This is the time that something will show up to stop you. Leslie Householder, author of The Jack Rabbit Factor, calls it “the terror barrier.” It could be a friend or family member telling you that your idea is not a good idea. It could be a fear of doing something you were led to do. It could be your own insecurities.

Your mind must know that you are really committed to what you want. “Untested faith isn’t much faith at all” (Jeffrey R. Holland). Your mind is strong. You have shown that with your tenacity and grit. Remember that the terror barrier can only stop you if you let it. Success is just on the other side. Always keep a positive outlook. Don’t let doubt and fear pull you off track. Be brave and keep going.

It will take time but know that financial freedom is coming.

You can be successful and live a life of abundance. Put the success principles into action.

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