Debt and Gratitude

By Colleen Corbett

The Law of Relativity says nothing we experience is fundamentally good or bad. It’s about comparisons. Bad experiences are only bad compared to something better. We can always compare our situation to something much worse.

Gratitude is fundamental to the Law of Relativity. Gratitude for where we’ve been, where we’re at and what we desire. Gratitude is a building block from which we create a stepping stone to raise our vibration step by step. It lifts us up and helps us see the positive side of every situation. How much more would it help us if we could feel gratitude in advance for what we know or at least hope will come?  Can I imagine looking back on a situation and feeling gratitude for the lessons learned, the wisdom gained? My life is a series of experiences that I can look back on with gratitude.

My husband was in Dental School during the early years of our marriage and we lived a very lean existence. We were continually going further in debt, taking out new student loans every year. We had one small car, three children and we lived in subsidized housing. Every month I would look at our bank account and add up our bills and wonder where the money was going to come from to pay for everything. We had immense gratitude for the fact that every month we managed to find what we needed. A little extra money always showed up or something fortunate happened to help us take care of our bills. We didn’t go hungry and we had what we needed. We had difficulties and it wasn’t easy but we always knew it could be a lot worse. While we were grateful for our current circumstance (we had enough) we were also grateful for our future circumstance because we believed that eventually our income would increase and we would pay off our debt. We had gratitude in advance. We did not spend a lot of time comparing our current situation to something better. We focused on knowing it was something much better than it might have been. We could be grateful for where we were and at the same time be grateful for the better situation we hoped for in the future. As I look back at those years I am filled with gratitude for lessons learned and the support of family and friends that we enjoyed. Hindsight has shown me how really good those difficult years were.


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