Can the Power of Thought Help You Reach Your Ideal Weight?

By Stephanie Francom

Have you ever struggled with your weight? What a silly question, right? 🙂

A number of years ago I decided it was time! I was determined to get in shape or die trying. (And I almost did. Haha.)

My husband and I spent half of every day preparing six different meals and exercising our guts out. I remember running on my treadmill and pushing myself hard enough that I felt like I would throw up when I got off. (Yuck.) It was too much, but I was in the best shape I’d been in my whole life. It inspired me to be more active – hiking, running, and lifting weights. I felt alive and vibrant, and I had a ton of energy to look outside of myself and serve others. It was super hard work, but overall I felt really good.

Can you guess what happened next?

I fell and hurt my tailbone. (You probably missed that part.) But it turned my whole world upside down.

For weeks I had one chair that offered any comfort. I was in horrible pain. I could hardly walk, let alone exercise. And I spiraled. I began to gain weight. I suffered with depression; I lost my self-confidence; and I was self-conscious in public.

Why do I share this?

Because I can look back on this experience, and I can totally see why that happened!

In the beginning I set a goal to be at my ideal weight. I envisioned it. I wanted it so badly. I remember seeing myself thin and visualizing my fat cells releasing fat while I exercised. No joke. I did that instinctively. I kept moving toward my goal, and it became easier and easier. I even began to enjoy the exercise that was difficult at the first. But my determined thoughts made the goal come to pass.

However, when I got hurt, I focused on the pain. I pondered again and again about how I couldn’t exercise. I couldn’t be active. I couldn’t cook. I couldn’t __________. Looking back I believe I could have healed much faster had I changed my thinking! My negative thoughts brought about inactivity, depression, and extra weight.

So what if you have some undesired weight? Can anything be done to speed up the process and keep it off? You bet! I’ll give it to you simple and sweet! But trust me. Just follow these steps.

Visualize yourself at your ideal weight. How do you look? What clothing can you see yourself wearing? (Your skinny jeans maybe!?) What activities can you imagine yourself doing? Ask yourself, “How would I feel if I was at my ideal weight?” And then allow yourself to deeply feel the gratitude you would feel, as if it has already happened.

Decide that you are ABSOLUTELY committed to your goal.

Write down your goal in the present tense, as if you have already achieved it. NO skipping this part! Seriously. It matters. Something like this: “I am so happy and grateful now that I have reached my ideal weight! I look and feel incredible in my skinny jeans! I am energetic, active, and healthy. It was so easy to release the extra weight because I fed my body exactly what it needed for proper nutrition and balance. I feel amazing!!”

This will sound crazy, but I’m telling you — it’s works! Read your goal statement aloud ten times a day. Yes! You read it right. TEN TIMES a day! And the more passion you can say it with, the faster results you will get. If the doubt is really getting to you – SHOUT IT! It helps.

Gather pictures of yourself when you were at your ideal weight. Put them in places that you’ll see often. Own them. Believe that this is you now. Spend more time looking at the pictures than you do in the mirror! (Does this sound weird? It’s all good. You’re just trying to convince your sub-conscious mind that you are already at your ideal weight so it can help bring it about.)

Disregard the “evidence” that would tell you the goal is out of reach. When the doubt, fear, and frustration come up, choose to believe. If you can remain fixed on the goal and feel gratitude for the journey, it will come about!

Start living “as if” you’ve already reached the goal. Become more active. Think like a healthy, thin person. Do those things you haven’t been doing because you felt heavy.

Pay close attention to inspiration you get regarding proper nutrition and exercise. Act on the inspiration.

Now remember…prosperity isn’t just about finances. It’s about living and loving life. All of it! So you can apply the truths you are learning to any goal, including weight management. The Laws of Thought are incredibly powerful if you’ll just use them!! Make it happen!


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