Photo Contest Results

Congratulations to our Photo Contest Winners!

Here are the results of our very first Rare Faith Photo Contest.

How the winners were chosen:

First, I picked MY top ten favorite submissions, and then invited our Mindset Mastery program participants to cast their votes to help us rank those top ten. Here are the results, by popular vote:

Grand Prize – by Becky Glazier (

Becky Glazier is a wife, mother of 3 future leaders, and works as a Virtual Administrative Consultant. She virtually supports Freelancers and Small Business Owners in finding freedom to focus on growing their business and reaching their goals. She lives for learning, collaborating, and manifesting miracles!

Rabbit with Chapter Ten: The Catch – “Not long after I settled into my reading, a rabbit came and hung out with me for a while! It was a beautiful moment and a wonderful way to finish the book.” (Read it free at

First Place – by Amanda Johnson

Hidden Treasures in treasure box – “Treasured box of knowledge” (Read it free at

Second Place – by Paul Schultz

Man holding Portal to Genius – “Browsing in the back yard.” (Read it free at

Third Place – by Amanda Johnson

Rare Faith Podcast – “Ready to run with Rare Faith Podcast” (Listen free to the Rare Faith Podcast)

Other Finalists, ranked by number of votes:

Finalist #1 – by Vanessa Kay (

Girl reading Jackrabbit Factor (Read it free at

Finalist #2 by Paul Schulz

Portal to Genius and Scripture – “Ancient and modern guides to correct thinking.”  (Read it free at

Finalist #3 by Amanda Johnson

Studying the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse – “Online course study” (Learn more at

Finalist #4 by Renae VanWhy

Hidden Treasures group study – “Book and a Bagel. …professional development classes at work for team building.”  (Read it free at

Finalist #5 by Vanessa Kay (

Jackrabbit Factor book leaning on tree (Read it free at

Finalist #6 by Dave Hopkin

Jackrabbit Factor book hiding – “Jackrabbit in the Garden” (Read it free at

Thank again, everyone, for all of the wonderful submissions! If your photo submission is NOT pictured here, don’t be surprised if it still shows up in one of my future posts, or on one of my other website(s).

And, maybe I’ll hold another contest in the future. So keep gathering those snapshots. I love the creativity and variety!

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