Why your future is no secret

Want to know where your life is headed?

Pay attention to the things you think about when you don’t have to think about anything.

I was pondering this once when I realized that a number of things I had daydreamed about for years all had begun to materialize. Things that had consumed my thoughts at odd hours and random moments… and there they were: the physical realization of those things.

I was amazed and grateful, for new reinforcement that these principles are (still) true. (Yes, life has a way of challenging us anew at every level.)

Come to think of it, those daydreams of mine – consciously selected and cherished – had to have been some of the longest ones I had ever waited for. We’re talking about 25 years for one of them and about 8 years for the other, and both of them had happened inside of the same 2 weeks.

So, I reiterate:

How can you know where your life is headed? Pay attention to the thoughts that fill your mind when you don’t have to be thinking about something else. Now is the time to choose your destiny, and it all begins with the seed of thought. The seeds that you don’t over-question, worry about, or doubt will grow, and they will eventually bear fruit.

So choose your thoughts carefully. You are literally the captain of your soul.

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Leslie Householder

One Response

  1. Leslie,
    One of my dream seeds was planted 42 years ago, and nourished at least once every year when I would blow out the candles on my birthday cake and “wish” for a horse, like many other young girls. EVERY YEAR I would wish the same thing!

    During the next year I would always find someone who had a horse I could ride. This continued through high school, college, and marriage.

    Seven children later, each learned to ride on someone else’s horse.

    Then a strange series of events unfolded. Suddenly we had many horses we were taking care of, AND being paid for it!!!

    One warm afternoon as I was leaving to go riding, I suddenly realized what had taken place in my life. I turned to three of my teenaged daughters in the kitchen and said, “YOU GUYS!!! Guess what I just realized?! ALL of my birthday wishes have come true! We have 13 horses, haven’t had to pay for any of them, AND we get paid to ride them!!!!”

    This is just one of many “planted seeds” I have seen germinate into amazing things I could never have predicted. Thanks to your insight, I am becoming much more aware of the process! Thanks!


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