Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

By Kathleen Taylor

Facebook post October 13th, 2020
Came home to a flooded bathroom, part of two bedrooms, a hall way and a closet. As I walked around the house assessing damage and processing the whole thing, my twelve year old said, “Aren’t you so excited to see the blessing that will come from this!” I was in a bit of a daze and trying to focus so I didn’t respond. He continued, “You always say that when hard trials come, the blessing is equally great.”
Little does he know that he is my greatest blessing.

We rarely get to see the full scope of life on social media. We all have a depth that can’t be conveyed in short snippets that will hold the attention of the mindless scroll.

This was a very hard day in a very hard year.
I had adopted the practice of looking for the good in every situation.
It began as a survival mechanism.
A way to hold out hope for the future.

We all experienced the year 2020 in different ways.
I was in the middle of a marital separation and still trying to get my feet under me for that.
On this particular day I had just returned home from an incredibly emotional experience.
My dear friend had passed away and I had the opportunity to serve her one last time. I had gone with her two daughters to dress her body for burial. It was an honor that I will never forget but it was a lot emotionally. I had turned my phone off before I went into the funeral home and was lost in thought on the drive to my house.
I had no idea what I was walking into at home.
I was greeted at the door by four very excited children who each wanted to be the first to tell me what happened.

It was so much.

I couldn’t process it all.
I realized that the flood had been my fault.
I had been distracted trying to leave on time.
The water had run for over an hour before one of my children became aware of it.

There is a moment between stimuli and reaction where we can choose the way we will show up.
I was so stunned that the moment was stretched out for me.
How thankful I am that I had spent the time looking for positive experiences with my children!
How thankful I am that I had learned that as low as your low is…will be how high you go.

Because this felt pretty low.

My 12 year old gave me a gift.
He helped me to remember what I had learned many times before with smaller situations. Now the stakes were higher. Could I hold to what I knew and open up the opportunity for the opposite blessing to come?

The carpet worked itself out with the rental company and the insurance agency.

The miracle for me was to see where the mindset of my children lay. I wasn’t home when they faced a challenge. They looked it square in the eye and knew that things would be great! They had seen this principle work multiple times and they didn’t doubt that things would work out.

They helped to remind me of where my mind needed to be for maximum growth and blessings.

Yes, in every difficult experience, there is a seed that contains the potential for an equal amount of good. On this day that seed was not the miracles we saw with the carpet. Although we had those. No, on this day it was the miracle I saw in my son. He held the faith for me before I was able to hold it for myself. He parroted back to me the things that I had been saying to him for over a year. He was the equal blessing that I needed that day.

I invite you to get really excited with your next trial or challenge.
Actively seek the blessing.
Sometimes they don’t look like the challenge.
Are you open to receiving?
How are you recognizing the challenge and choosing to watch for the blessing?

They are there.
It’s a law.

And share what you are learning with those around you.
They step in and lift when you just can’t anymore.


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