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We are looking for volunteers who can work from home and help us make our content available to more people. Will you be one of them?

As you may know, I’ve been teaching the principles of Rare Faith since 2000 (although I haven’t always called them that – the new term was adopted a few years ago for this reason). My objective has been to provide a wealth of information available at no charge, and to keep the more advanced trainings at an affordable rate. Literally tens of thousands of hours have gone into this project, and there is still much to do.

To keep costs down and services free or affordable, we sometimes rally volunteers who believe in the cause to help us finish projects from the comfort of their own home.

Right now, we are working to provide ACCURATE transcripts for each of the podcasts, so that the content is searchable and more easily cross-referenced with other podcasts and related articles.

We also need people to help create accurate transcripts of Genius Bootcamp.

We already have an auto-generated version of each one, but they have errors. So we need people like you who are willing to listen carefully to an audio, check the auto-transcript for errors, and make the needed corrections. When the podcast transcriptions are complete and ready, they will be added to the podcast episodes hosted here at my blog. When the Genius Bootcamp transcriptions are complete, they will be used to help train our Genius Bootcamp facilitators now and in the future.

As it is explained in Portal to Genius, building mental capital and relationship capital can yield great benefits. If you want to play an important part in this work, helping us make the audios searchable does both, and I’d love to have you on board.

Corrections needed may include:

  • Adding missing words/phrases
  • Adding proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Removing hard returns (we have a tool for this)
  • Adding a speaker’s name before his/her line (if there are multiple people speaking)
  • Correcting words and phrases that may have been misheard by the auto-generator

It is estimated that, for every 5 minutes of audio, it can take anywhere from 10 – 40 minutes or more to make the needed corrections.

If you become part of the team, you will select an audio (choose a topic you’ve already wanted to learn well) and return the edited version via email within 2 weeks. If it takes longer than 2 weeks, that’s okay! We just don’t want any of the podcasts tied up indefinitely. If you need more time, just let me know.

If you are interested, please click here and tell me why you want to participate.

If you are approved for the team, you’ll be sent project instructions where you’ll make your first audio selection.

Thank you for your help!


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