This Car Needs to GO!

By Helen Huntsman

Today, I’m going tell you about a specific experience with the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, so you know there’s always hope!

Like a lot of people, one of the stories that sticks out in my mind is about a car of necessity. The car filled a need, within budget for a bigger dream of what it was supporting.

Background: During this period in our lives, my husband and I owned one retail store in University Mall in Orem, Utah. This car had enough cargo space, so we could grow our business and get more store locations. Specifically, it could fit 12 ft of crown molding (which was used in my husband’s framing business).

This car helped us go from one store to four stores. It was a multiplier.

I hated this car. It smelt like spoiled milk from baby bottles rolling under seats and my husband drinking protein shakes.

The car was making the dream happen, and my new dream was to get rid of the car.
The intensity of my hatred went up to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL one day in August. The air conditioning wasn’t working, so I called my husband and he said, “Turn on the heater.”

This broke an agreement, from when we were dating, where we decided to never own a brown car or a car without A/C.

Regardless there I was.

OH! And, he said, “Don’t stop the car.”

And I said, “What are you talking about? What about at stoplights?”

And he said, “Keep going and turn right. If you have to go around the block, do it.”

Because the car would die if I stopped. And I needed to deliver an order of molding and I had babies in the car, and no way to get them home. So I had to get to where John was waiting, so he could do “John Magic” and fix the car.

As I was taking right turns, I decided, “It’s time a for new car.”

So then I went to a used car dealership, and fell in love a Jeep Cherokee. No fabric seats! Lots of air conditioning (LOTS), and it was beautiful.

Plus, it fit 12 ft of molding with the back seats down.


So I went to the dealership, then I visualized it. I visited that dealership so much they knew my name. I probably went monthly.

And, what’s so funny about this? I didn’t feel like I belonged on that car lot. I felt out of place, and I asked myself, “What am I doing here?” But I went anyways!

In-person, I’d touch the car, I smelled the leather, I looked at how I’d get the molding into the car. I looked at rims. I would shop rims!! That’s when I discovered I’m a girl who loves tire rims!!

I’d touch it, I’d visualize the steering wheel, I breathed in the beautiful air conditioning.

And, I would visualize this being my car. Like all of the time. I would visualize while driving, while making revenue goals, etc.

I learned how to be smart about paying off debt (read books), and then I took all of our debt, and I looked at the balances and credit limits – making sure I was at below 40% utilization on a card. So I could raise our credit score to get the car.

I figured out how to get more customers. Every profit I got I took 10% and put it in the “Car Dream Account.”

That’s right, I created a separate bank account for the car. I knew I had to show I was making money and needed to see money going in it. I kept a handwritten excel sheet where I would mark down money going “into” the account, so I could see it.

So I would go into the bank, deposit a customer’s check, and then broke the money out into the separate accounts. I would have the teller’s do it. I don’t know what they thought (maybe they thought I was crazy!) but they did it.

But a sad moment was when a mentor got a Jeep Cherokee before I did. I knew that my car was still out there, but just know talking about your dream inspires other people. And that’s ok!

So I talked about this car so much, and then I had the funds. I had a plan.

So my husband starts helping me look for the car, but he wants a different car. He wants me to look at other options, and I had to be very clear! My best friend ended up telling him, “Helen’s whole team knows she has been talking about this car!”

John would look online, we’d test them out. We were looking for a specific type: white rims, black leather, air conditioned SEATS (yes! That was a luxury!), and low miles.

Then, one day, John found the car. We went and drove it and it was just right. It felt so good. How it drove, how it feeled, it felt like I was no longer making do or making something work.

It just felt like I was supposed to be there, because I had driven it and been so much in my mind.

Also? This dream drove me to achieve new levels in my network marketing business. I grew in confidence, self-esteem, promoting a vision.

Like this stuff works!!

How This Relates to the Vacuum Law of Prosperity
Two things happened here:

  1.  I got really sick of the car I didn’t like and made the choice to GET A NEW CAR
  2.  I got clear on what I wanted! Like the leather, the wheels, the Jeep Cherokee. Getting specific was important because it drew the car closer to me
  3.  I made a vacuum – the bank account
  4. I learned how to break out sales, and work backwards for my own goals (and my direct report’s goals) to show them how sales would fund their dream

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