Crashing vs. Resting

By Helen Huntsman

“Should we call this ‘crashing’ or ‘rest’?”

In talking with my daughter about the Law of Rhythm, she was helping me to brainstorm different stories or “hooks” to get you, the reader’s attention.

As I was talking to my daughter about this, we were going through the book, “Hidden Treasures” by Leslie Householder.

“We used to think of it as a crash,” my daughter said to me, “And now we call it intention rest. But for a good amount of time there, we didn’t know that we were experiencing the Law of Rhythm.”

What do we mean by crashing or resting? Read on, dear reader!

Crashing vs. Resting

When I first started in Herbalife (networking marketing), I didn’t come from a traditional business background. I benefitted greatly from learning from others in my upline, learning to create systems and then scale them.

And while I know networking marketing isn’t for everyone (that’s ok!), this period in my life was full of, well, crashes.

I would work extremely hard for months, growing my business to get to the next “level.” And after pushing myself for months – I would reach my goal, and then I would crash.
At the time, I was worried about myself and my ability to be a leader of a large organization – because these crashes would wipe me out for 2 months, usually November – February (in conjunction with other businesses I had).

I would lose momentum and rhythm, and it took a good amount of coaching and analysis to figure out what was wrong.

But one of the main things I realized during this cycle was that crashing was actually the Law of Rhythm in action.

After those big milestones, I would crash. Every time. And, we know from the Law of Rhythm that I should’ve expected it.

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, like the seasons, I needed to plan in rest on my calendar.

The Law of Rhythm

In this situation, I was SO CLOSE to understanding the Law of Rhythm. Instead, I kept going through the cycle of success and achievement, and then getting upset with myself when every time there would come a “crash” period.

Looking at one of the definitions for the Law of Rhythm from Leslie Householder, it states, “The Law of Rhythm states that nature’s movements are cyclical. There is repetition in everything.”

Had I realized this, I would’ve been able to take a step back and realize that the “Crash” periods were actually time for REST. And because the cycle of success is a cycle, that there would come a period required for rest.

Instead of resisting this period, I could instead joyfully accept it and see it as part of the cycle of achieving my goals. It wasn’t a fault of mine or embarrassment – it was required by the Law of Rhythm.

Facilitator Training 2022 – Scheduling Rest

This has come full circle for me (another metaphor used when discussing The Law of Rhythm”), this last year. I knew that after experiencing incredible growth and leveling up at the 2022 Rare Faith Facilitator Training that I would “Crash” the day after.

But I don’t view it as crashing. I view it as intentional rest. Rest that I have learned to plan out on my calendar and expect.

After great activity comes the need for rest.

Key Takeaways for You

I hope that my stories and examples helped you see new patterns in your own energy cycles and with your own goals. Below, I’ve shared 2 key takeaways for you:

· Schedule in rest. I don’t mean the whole “face mask in a bathtub” rest, although that is fun! I mean time to intentionally rest and be still. Block off your calendar and protect this time.

· The Rhythm will find you. If you choose not to rest, if you use your agency not to pause – you may find yourself backed into a sort of corner and FORCED to rest.

From the book, Hidden Treasures by Leslie Householder, she writes, “Rhythms of life often feel random, too. The ups and downs can be chaotic and jarring. But what if we could see a pattern in them?”

This week, I invite you to take a look at the ups and downs of your life, and see if you see patterns. In your day, your week, different seasons of the year – where do you see patterns? How can you learn to trust these patterns through the tough times to see the good ones coming?

I hope my experience helps you along your way!


Helen Huntsman

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