Things Could Be Worse!

By Stephanie Francom

Am I the only one who’s struggled to be consistent in keeping my thoughts positive? Surely not. But I found something that is really helping and want to share. It’s The Law of Relativity!!

So what is The Law of Relativity anyway? Basically it’s this: Anything that happens in life isn’t necessarily bad or good; It only seems bad or good depending on your perception when you compare it to something else.

And how could this law help you achieve your dreams? Well. The more you learn about manifesting goals, the more you recognize how important it is to keep your heart and mind in a good place. This law really comes in handy when there are challenges.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time….during the Christmas holidays, my entire family was sick. In fact, quite sick. Including my married daughter and her family, there were ten of us. We all had high fevers — my daughter’s got as high as 104.5 degrees. We had headaches, sore throats, terrible coughs, chills, and body aches. Yuck! It started days before Christmas and lasted until a couple days afterward. My not-so-large bedroom was strewn with sick bodies. (I shoulda taken a picture of that one!) There were a couple of us in the bed, some on chairs, and others lying on the floor with blankets. No one could eat, and we were trying so hard to stay hydrated to avoid any emergency room visits. Our starry-eyed plans of making gingerbread houses, decorating cookies, and singing Christmas carols were buried in the wastebaskets of tissue paper, Gatorade bottles, and cough drops.

Thankfully, I had just been introduced to the Laws of Thought and was actually able to recall this one in the middle of it all!

As I lay in bed I had an interesting thought come to me. I actually imagined some of my ancestors who crossed the plains into Salt Lake City during the winter. They had to keep moving every day whether they were sick or well. All at once I could see myself in their situation feeling as sick as I did. How could I possibly have kept moving? And yet here I was in a comfortable bed with warm blankets, with a heater, running water, a bathroom, and chicken soup. My son-in-law was the only one that wasn’t sick, and he cheerfully waited on every one of us! My two little grandkids were delightful through the whole ordeal, and they kept our spirits up. And finally, our strain of flu was viral rather than bacterial. Why would this matter? Well, my understanding is that a bacterial infection will leave a person feeling down and depressed. Apparently a viral infection won’t affect you in the same way. I can say with certainty that we all were a mess physically, but emotionally we were pleasant the whole time.

Recognizing how much worse it could have been filled me with a tremendous amount of gratitude, which raised my vibration. Honestly…we made some really good memories in spite of the challenges, and we all grew closer as a family. The Law of Relativity was truly instrumental in making a difficult situation much more positive!


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