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Wow. Do you have something about your past that just bugs you to no end? If so, you’ll want to read this:

I just returned from an amazing experience and needed to tell you about it. For the last 3 years I’ve heard about a particular seminar… one that was originally recommended to me from a couple of my mentors: Bob Proctor and Camille Kocsis (remember the $10,000 story lady from the epilogue of The Jackrabbit Factor?). Well, I finally went, and am a different person than when I walked into it last Thursday.

It supports the material I teach, and adds a new dimension to it, which has been mind blowing. I won’t spend a lot of time explaining what I mean by that… all I can say is that if you have some emotional baggage holding you back from moving forward, you may want to keep reading.

If you’ve heard me say that we have a lot of old ‘X’ programming in our subconscious mind, and then maybe you’ve heard me teach how to replace it with a new ‘Y’ idea… how would you like to discover exactly what YOUR ‘X’ programs are? This is their specialty. If you were to attend their program, you’d get a good look at who you are, and your fears, prejudices, conditioning… and how to create new programs which will serve you better. Your results in life are a product of your programs. Isn’t it about time to scan your hard drive for viruses? You might not be functioning at your best because of a bad program, and you might not even know it’s in there.

I don’t receive a dime for sending people to the seminar. I even run the risk of losing clients every time I promote it to members of the ThoughtsAlive community. I have nothing to gain by this except the knowledge that some of you may feel something as you read this, and act on that feeling… to take a step toward some major emotional breakthroughs in your life. When you find something that helps you, don’t you want to share it with others?

Ironically, I went in feeling pretty good about my life, and with the expectation that I would just learn how to be a little better. What I learned about myself was pretty revealing. There was pain, exhilaration, anger, love… and watching people all around me transform their lives forever. Some people aren’t ready to take an honest look at themselves, but for anyone who IS willing…there’s amazing things in store.

I had no idea that they had such a long-standing reputation, because I had only heard about them from a few people… as it turns out, this company, PSI Seminars, has been the longest running program in the United States. Some of the greatest leaders have come out of it including Lee Iacoca, and some of the most masterful gurus are behind it, or involved in supporting it, including Deepak Chopra and Mark Victor Hansen, or so I was told by our instructor that weekend.

In fact, singer Don Henley attended years ago and it was after one of the experiences in the seminar that inspired him to go home and write the song ‘Heart of the Matter.’ Do you remember that one? ‘…even if, even if you don’t love me anymore…’

They teach what I teach about working with your subconscious mind, but in a little different way. I felt supported in my knowledge of the Universal Laws, and I was given color in some things where I had previously only had a black and white understanding. If you choose to participate, you will be better equipped to learn, and integrate, the principles from ThoughtsAlive if there’s been something emotional holding you back… or if there’s even an ABSENCE of emotion, which WILL sabotage your ability to successfully apply what I teach.

They hold the seminar in a number of places all over the world. Tell them I sent you. Again, I receive no compensation for referring people. They simply track the ripple effect on how an individual finds out about it, and how it affects their lives based on whether they encourage others to attend.

I have to admit that when I walked in on the first day of the event, I remember thinking, ‘…these people are just way too happy…’ and I was skeptical, even with more than a decade of experience as a ‘self-help junkie’. Then the magic began. It was a process, but I eventually uncovered some old programming that had been causing me on a subconscious level to behave in certain ways, and I found out exactly why it was there and what to do about it if it wasn’t serving me. The best part was that we didn’t just learn what to do, they created an atmosphere where you can go ahead and GET IT DONE while you’re there.

Very cool stuff.  I am committed to helping people find solutions, no matter from where those solutions may come.

Each opportunity I share serves a different purpose. There are so many different aspects to life, and the PSI Basic seminar will help you in some ways while mine will help you in other ways. Is there something serious holding you back? Get down to the ‘heart of the matter’ and let them help you find the power to release even the heaviest baggage so that you CAN move forward unhindered. We have great places to go and amazing things to accomplish… one step at a time!

Learn more about the PSI Basic Seminar

My disclaimer about PSI:

I loved PSI Basic. I went more than once. There were some things about it I didn’t like, but what I gained from it far outweighed the parts that bothered me. What follows is my full and honest product review. The content, and the experientials they walked us through – absolutely amazing. Eye opening. Made you think. Shifted me, deep down. Our trip to Disney World pictured on my Prosper The Family website was a direct result of what I gained at Basic. Beyond Basic, there are more advanced trainings, which I did not attend. My husband did go on to PSI 7, and my brother in law did the Men’s Leadership and Principia. They both gained a lot from those advanced programs. I stopped at Basic for personal reasons. For one thing, they’ve got a brilliant marketing strategy built in to their programs, where if you move on to the advanced trainings, passing the next level includes a requirement (or at least a lot of pressure) to recruit new participants. Brilliant for them, but the way it was executed to me began to feel manipulative. It might have just been the people I was working with, but that is where and why I stopped. The moment I felt that “my success” at the next level was contingent on and measured by what felt like a compulsory requirement to sell tickets for them, I bowed out. My husband took that step with a less critical and more open mind, and used the experience to overcome fears and grow personally. That’s what it was designed for, and he gained a lot from it. But I struggled to see past the perceived ulterior motive and chose not to advance. It was less about the requirement itself and more about the way the representative went about trying to get me to advance. Another reason I stopped was because I took my teen son back for Basic, but during that session, the instructor was so foul-mouthed that I complained to him on a break. His defense was that he was just relating to the teens, because they hear that stuff all the time. I was angry because my son did NOT hear it all the time, and it was unnecessary to relate to him that way. In fact, it was a very negative distraction from the amazing content. My son wrote a letter to the directors explaining the same, and eventually received an apology.

So all that being said, I still recommend the Basic seminar. Even 10 years later, I would still recommend it. But those are my disclaimers.

If Basic is out of reach for you financially, consider joining me for my Genius Bootcamp. It’s cheaper, you won’t be required to recruit participants, and I (and my facilitators) don’t swear. So there you go. 🙂

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