That one time, I was given four cars in one year.

By Kathleen Taylor

About a year after my divorce I needed some cash. The only asset I had was our twelve passenger van. I don’t live in a big city with public transportation but I have been blessed to live within a mile and a half of everything that I need. Church, grocery store, schools and two of my part time jobs. So, I put her on the market.
I decided that I could walk anywhere that I needed until I was able to get another vehicle.

I posted about my adventure on social media, hoping to inspire others to walk more frequently for their physical and mental health. I was very thankful for the fresh air and sunshine.

Someone asked what kind of car I wanted. I replied with, “whatever the Lord would bless me with.” Well, my teenage daughter wanted a truck desperately. She had been dreaming of a truck for years.

After about two weeks of walking, my friend Rocky called. He had recently been contacted by someone who had a 1996 Dodge Ram that they wanted to give away. They had been blessed and wanted to pay it forward. My friend instantly thought of our family. We picked it up and my daughter was elated. The truck was in ROUGH condition and not guaranteed to last long. She didn’t even care, she was just grateful.

I let her have the truck and I continued to walk.

About two weeks later, someone else asked me what kind of car I wanted. I flippantly responded with, “probably a Toyota Corolla, they seem to be reliable and efficient.”
My friend, Chris, called within a few days of my comment to tell me that he had a company car that no one was using. I was welcome to drive it for a while until I found what I was looking for. I said thank you. I didn’t think to ask any questions. When we picked it up, I chuckled that it was a Toyota Corolla. Of course it was. 🙂

A few weeks go by and the truck starts to act stranger than normal. The brakes were sketchy at best and now it was having more trouble starting. Everyday was an adventure. My daughter never drove it more than five miles at a time.

Again, someone asked me what kind of car I wanted. This time I replied, “I think a Honda CRV would be a good fit for the family. It is roomy enough for all of us and people seem happy with them.”

A few days later…

Rocky called and said that he had a car that he was looking to give away and wondered if it would be a fit for my family. I said, “yes, thank you!” Again, no questions just openly receiving, with gratitude, all that is coming my way. He mentioned that it had been in seven mild accidents and the air conditioning didn’t work. He wasn’t sure how long it would run but we were welcome to it. He dropped it off in my driveway that night.

You guessed it.

A Honda CRV!

Well, now it is clear to me that several of the laws have been in play. The law of perpetual transmutation brought things into form. The law of gestation was very short because I was ready for what came. The law that stood out the most to me is the law of vibration. Clearly I vibrate at a level that allows for an automobile (not a bicycle) to come to me. Hooray!
The quality of the vehicle had room for improvement. I chose to see that as a great place to be.

We drove the truck for three months. The Honda was very reliable for just over a year and then an eighth accident was its undoing. Both the Dodge and Honda have gone to the great junkyard in the sky. I continued to drive the borrowed Toyota with gratitude and dream of the day I had my own vehicle that was reliable, well maintained, paid for and beautiful.

I struggled to decide on exactly what I wanted and I never wrote anything down.
Lucky for me the laws still work with imperfect people.
Yesterday, a reliable, well maintained, paid for, beautiful car showed up for me.
35 of my dear friends chipped in and purchased a 2005 Buick LeSabre for me!!
I was also handed $1,000 for fees, registration and insurance.

I am thrilled!
I continue to see the Law of Perpetual Transmutation bring people and resources to me.
I see that I have raised my vibration as the quality of car has improved.
I see that when we put good into the world, good comes back to you!
I see that gratitude is the secret sauce to loving what you have while allowing for something better to come.


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