So Many Ideas!

By Jill MacDonald

Ideas, I have lots of them! So many that at times I have become overwhelmed by them! I used to try and follow up on every idea; boy was that exhausting! Ideas are great, but you need to know what to do with them. Ideas are possibilities or potential; they are seeds that can be planted. When planted, watered, given sunlight and nurtured, they can grow into something amazing! But if you are trying to plant every idea that comes into your head, you’re going to have a lot of dead plants! To plant an idea is to accept it and to act upon it. To stick with it and do whatever it takes to bring it to life or make it happen.

Once you have planted an idea you need to be sure not to neglect it or forget to water it. An example of this is when starting a new habit. To plant it is to have a strong reason for doing it in the first place. Then you need to water it by taking action on it every day. Even better is to take inspired action; to share the idea with God and ask him for help and direction for the idea. Then when you receive the inspiration you act upon it. These action steps don’t need to be huge steps because God can bring about great things through small and simple steps!

It could be as simple as going to clean your room. Cleaning your room might not have anything to do with your idea or goal, but acting on that inspired action can lead you to other things. And sometimes it’s just about being willing to listen, and then to act on the inspiration. At times, God tests us to see if we are going to listen. Then it becomes not so much about the action, but the fact that he is training you to learn how to tune in. He is testing you to see if you will act when he gives you the idea.

Other times it will be something very specific. It is important to tune into these things when they come. I have learned to write them down. To capture them is very important. I show God that he can trust me with these ideas and that I will act upon them. There have been times though when I am driving in the car and it would not be safe for me to write it down. During times like these, I ask God to remind me at a time when I am able to write it down. This again shows my earnestness and desire to take action, even if I’m not able to at that particular moment. I have found that as long as I honor that the next time the idea comes, then great things start to take shape. The fruit comes from the seeds we plant or the actions we take and makes for a very satisfying life!


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