Property Tax Relief

By Steve Dragon

Over the year and a half leading up to October 2019, our financial state was getting progressively worse. We had not done enough to improve our situation as far as working to produce income (my judgment!) and had instead maintained our lifestyle using three credit cards and a home equity loan. We signed up for social security in January 2019, plus we had a consistent $200-300 a month from our home-based business customers. But these two things combined were only about two-thirds of what we needed to pay our obligations each month, let alone maintain our accustomed lifestyle. Then, on top of that, in October we received the yearly home property tax bill for about $2500, due in November. Plus, Christmas was coming up. We had no possible solutions in mind.

I had prayed about our need to pay the taxes and, considering what we had been learning in Mindset Mastery, somehow trusted that we would get what we needed to cover it. I had visualized and “felt” the taxes paid. I felt strongly that Heavenly Father had sanctioned my desire and was willing to supply that need for us. I didn’t know how, and I didn’t know when, but I trusted that it absolutely WOULD happen, and I didn’t worry about it at all.

Beckie, apparently, wasn’t so confident. Our ministering brother, who happened to also be our bishop, came to visit the first week of December. (By then a late fee of $25 had been added onto the tax bill.) We let him know what our situation was. I explained how I felt about the taxes: that I felt in my heart the funds were coming and that there was nothing to worry about, although I didn’t know for sure when or how it would happen. I guess he saw a look on Beckie’s face that didn’t express the same peace.  He said he wanted to help in any way he could. Because he was worried about Beckie’s emotional state, he said he knew of some resources and may be able to assist with the taxes as well as some other things. I told him we would be grateful for whatever he could help with but said again that I knew the taxes would get paid in some other way. I really had no doubt whatsoever that unseen forces were busy preparing the necessary resources at that very moment. I felt very calm about it.

We had been receiving our social security deposits during the second week of every month since the beginning of the year. So, it was no surprise when we received an automatic deposit of the normal amount the week after the bishop visited. But it was a surprise that we received a second deposit of a lesser amount at the same time. My thought was that we must have received someone else’s check by mistake. I soon called the Social Security Administration to let them know of the apparent error. They assured me that it was not an error, that it was the delayed amount from January (apparently standard procedure in the first year).

I was only mildly surprised that the amount was very close to what was due for property taxes. I let the bishop know the funds had appeared as I expected and where they came from. A couple of days later he appeared at our front door with a check from an anonymous donor. He said it was already in the process when I sent him the message, so he felt he wanted to offer it anyway. The amount of the donor check was very unexpected and was greatly appreciated as it helped us get caught up with several months of past due payments.

I knew in my heart that the funds for the taxes were on their way and that things were going to turn out fine. I was able to feel confident in the processes we had been studying about. I just felt the unseen help coming, even when the “truth” that others saw was contradictory.


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