The Law of Polarity – Principle of Prosperity

This Law states that everything of consequence has an opposite. You can’t fall six feet down from being only four feet up. You can’t turn left without coming from the right. “Yes” only exists because “No” does too; otherwise it would be meaningless. Good, bad. Dark, light. Male, female. Each one is meaningless without the other.

This law also states that contained in every situation there is “good” and “bad” that is equal and opposite to each other.

This means that when you experience a hardship, there is contained within it (by law) a blessing that is opposite and equal in degree. As Napoleon Hill said it, “Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

What does this mean?

This means that you have valid reason to assign a positive meaning to every challenge that comes your way. When you choose to assign a positive meaning to your challenges, and allow those positive feelings to develop on an emotional level (gratitude is a good default emotion to generate) you automatically move the physical tool of your mind (that is, your body) into a positive vibration which, in turn, initiates a positive reaction in your direction from the world around you.

You’ve heard that every cloud has a silver lining… and it can be easy to brush the principle aside as cliché, but the truth is that you can depend on this principle. If you begin to look for, and expect to find the positive in your greatest dilemmas, you will discover it.

However, just because it exists does not mean that you will automatically glean the benefit from it. You must first know that it is there, and have a determination to find it.

You can turn every hardship into your benefit. You can always come out on top. You can always win, no matter what.

“Seek and ye shall find” is a true and dependable promise.

Sometimes the benefit happens simply because of our determination to not give up. Sometimes we glean all the positive that the hardship has to offer, simply because we chose to endure and make it through. Sometimes the challenge becomes our greatest blessing simply because we made a decision to face it directly and learn all the great and wonderful lessons that the hardship certainly contains.

In order to do this, we must accept it as it is, and allow ourselves to experience the full extent of the difficulty with a hope and expectation that the benefit will emerge in all its radiant glory. With that kind of hope and expectation, the benefit WILL emerge and bring you joy, even equivalent to your suffering. By law.

In fact, this means that if your heartache is only slight, the benefit it contains is small. If your dilemma is traumatic and catastrophic, then the benefit it contains is remarkable beyond words. If you avoid the pain of the heartache, you rob yourself of the joy that it also contains.

Instead of shrinking our ambitions to cope with the challenges we’ve been given, we need to let the challenges drive us to dream bigger than ever. Let your challenge be the thing that catapults you into a better life than you ever could have known without it.

Trust me, it is a principle you can depend on. Those with the greatest challenges have the greatest opportunity for … greatness!

Let me illustrate. This is from an email that my son forwarded to me last week. (If there are copyright issues with having these pictures on my blog, and if you are the copyright owner, please let me know.)

You thought the dog is imitating the man…..

Entertaining the college kids…right?

Now have a closer look…


Get the message???

Despite being an animal he gets respect…

He gets a warm welcome everywhere…

He gets a pat on his shoulder…


The doors are open for those who believe in themselves and have willpower, which can make an animal walk on TWO LEGS…!!

Now, what is YOUR handicap? What is YOUR excuse for not doing what you were born to do? What is it that has caused you to say, “Why me?” or, “It’s not fair!”

Remember, your hardship is a gift. God knows what he is doing with you. When you cease to resist and focus on becoming the best you can be, your hardship will launch you into the life of your dreams.

Resolve to find the benefit and you’ll always come out on top.

I look forward to your success! If, through a “tragedy”, a dog can discover his ability to walk like a man, what could YOU be capable of doing? All dogs COULD do what this dog did, but this one discovered his hidden ability only because of his tragedy. What is your tragedy? What hidden abilities will YOU discover?

Thank your Heavenly Father for the hardships that are yours, and ask him to show you what he’d have you do with them. You already walk; maybe now it’s time for you to SOAR.

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  1. Dear Ms. Householder,

    Leslie, if I may so personal, thank you for your post upon the topic, “The Law of Polarity.” Although it was written multiple years ago the message is eternal because the topic itself is written into the universal laws. Thank you.

    May I ask of you a question to help with my own understanding? For context sake, you wrote, “Good, bad. Dark, light. Male, female. Each one is meaningless without the other.” I, too, have contemplated the meaning of duality. Where my reflection has taken me is a bit of different perspective.

    Yes, duality can be seen everywhere, from protons and electrons up the development chain to male and female. Yet, good-bad, dark-light, up-down seem to be different. For instance, dark in reality does not exist. What exists is not dark, but the absence of light. One cannot make something dark. Rather, they can only remove from it the appearance of light. Similarly, bad does not exist, but rather the absence of good. Finally, in the middle of outer space there is no “up” or “down”, there is only “towards” and “away from”.

    So, I am interested to hear your opinion upon these thoughts. On the surface of a globe there are many points. We could say the number is equal to 360 x 360, if we were to limit our measurement to the scale of a degree. Yet, each point is equidistant from a single, infinitely small single point at the center. That point is truth and all else are perspectives of the truth. I am most interested to see from your perspective.



  2. Holy powerful! Those pictures really help to drive the point home. I have been having a victim day due to many challenges that seem to be in my life, BIG challenges, ones that I have been dealing with for a long time yet I don’t seem to learn the lesson because I keep experiencing the same challenges. This post really made me feel empowered, I know there is a great lesson to learn from my challenges, I know it is time to learn it and grow from it, so I pledge to begin this instant to be grateful for the lessons in the challenge, and to thank God every day for those lessons, asking him to help me learn the lessons, make them a part of me, and by so doing become all that he wants me to become through the lessons taught in the trial.

    Thank you Leslie for all that you are and all that you do, I love learning the things you have to teach. You, and your willingness to share have really blessed my life and the lives of those I have shared what you are teaching with.


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