Personal Obstacles

By Jennifer De Azevedo 

One of my greatest obstacles to overcome has been learning how to eliminate fear when it comes to certain goals. Some goals came easily for me and others were hard due to past, deep hurts. Somehow, no matter how hard I worked at letting the fear go, it would occasionally creep back in. I finally realized that the times I had been successful in achieving my objectives I had done something very specific with my mind.

Remember those 3D pictures that became hugely popular in the 90’s? At first glance they looked like a blurry, pixilated block of similar colors, but after you stared at it for a while, you could see an image inside. Some people could see it right away and others struggled to ever see it. I found that, for me, achieving a goal is like seeing the image in those 3D pictures. I had to focus without focus. What does that mean? I would focus on the goal and get excited about. I would be so happy about it that I always wanted to think about it.

That is the easy part. The hard part is all the other things on the sidelines of your life that will try to take your attention from your goal or deter you from your goal with fear. I’d see things that would make me think the opposite of my goal was happening. I wouldn’t want to be fooled and wind up heartbroken if my dream didn’t work out, and I’d give up on my goal thinking it was impossible. Don’t allow that to happen! How I learned to get past those “sideline things” was to focus on my goal and look past everything trying to keep me from it, just like seeing those 3D pictures.

If that is hard to imagine, think of making a play in football. The game is happening in front of you and you are focused on that. There are a lot of things happening on the sidelines that, if you stop and focus on them, you will lose the game happening in front of you. People can yell from the side that your ref stinks! They can throw popcorn at you, laugh at you, heckle your teammates, but the only thing that matters is the game happening in front of you. 

If you focus on that game and let all the other doubtful thoughts fade into the background, you will achieve your goal. It takes practice. You may catch your mind going to those fearful places, but then you correct it. Keep doing that and it becomes easier. You’ll find your mind begins to forget about those fearful places and believing in your goal becomes natural.


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