Our thoughts do things

If I could sum up in just four words the life-changing concept that I’ve spent over 20 years trying to understand, practice, and share, it would be this:

Our Thoughts Do Things

And they do.

What I love about my work is that every day, I get to hear about other people’s experiences, as they begin to recognize the connection for themselves. And the more they look for evidence of it, the more they see it all around them.

And then, they can begin choosing their thoughts to be more in harmony with the Laws, and take some intentional control over the kinds of “uncanny” experiences they have.

The following share comes from Mindset Mastery Program participant Denise W., who writes:

“I have 2 stories I need to share. #1 – Today as I was studying, my doorbell rang, and as I answered it, it was my neighbor’s husband. He was frantic and asked me if I would like their fridge/freezer, which was only 6 months old. WHAT!!!! They are moving, and all of their household goods were already packed and shipped out. Our housing development told them they had to pay for a new refrigerator because their kids had dropped something and it put a very small ding in the bottom of the fridge. So, rather than leave it for housing to reuse after they where forced to pay for it, they gave it to us.

“…the crazy part is literally a couple days ago, I had a thought that it would be really nice to have an extra fridge so I could have space to make meals and store for the week, and here I am now with an extra fridge. I am still in shock over it.

“#2 – After learning about the laws, my husband and I have been changing our thinking about money and debt. Well, as my husband and I were reviewing our budget, he made a comment about raising his expectation to always having $4000 in savings, and if we can maintain that he would feel like we were doing ok.

“Well, I had higher amounts in my head, and we had been able to save and exceed the $4000… [but] within the month we had a car break down, had to help a family member financially, …and we had to pay for and arrange our flights to get [to some classes we wanted to take]. Well, when all was said and done, we had enough to pay for everything without going into debt.

“But guess how much we had left in savings? Yup $4000…

“The more I study, [the more] I have been becoming more and more aware of my thoughts, and I can see very quickly how things start to take shape after having the thought.” – Denise, Mindset Mastery Program participant

Yes! This is what I’m talking about. Thank you for sharing, Denise, and keep up the great work!

And that’s what it is: work. It’s not easy to choose thoughts that are contrary to appearances, but doing so really does make a difference.

As Bertrand Russell put it,

“Most people would rather die than think, and many of them do!”

I look forward to helping you experience the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

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