Not in OUR Family

By Linda Knudsen

My husband was relentless in his desire. Our first-born son wasn’t yet a year old. “When are we going to Disneyland?”

“Disneyland? Disneyland?” My mind boggled. This word was NOT part of my vocabulary. When I was a kid we went camping. Disneyland was for bratty spoiled children and I wasn’t going to have any of those, no, not in our family! Besides, it was far too expensive! We could never afford such an extravagant vacation!

Already the seeds of Perpetual Transmutation were being planted. If I had known this principle back in the early days of our marriage I could have predicted what would end up happening with our family.

Unknowingly, we were living out this law of Perpetual Transmutation – A law unchangeable, unyielding – A law as dependable as gravity itself.

Have you ever watched nature? It is predictable. The daffodils always come up in spring and leaves fall from the trees in autumn. There is order. Such is the law of Perpetual Transmutation; a law which states that all things are created spiritually before they are created physically; as we hold a thought in our mind (spiritual creation) it will eventually be created in its physical form.

By comparing this idea of Perpetual Transmutation to a seed we can understand it further. Before a plant grows it is mere potential, simply a seed, just like an idea or thought in our mind. As that seed (idea) is planted and nurtured (an idea held in the mind with passion and faith) it will, with predictability, grow.

This summer I threw some cantaloupe seeds into the compost pile and quickly forgot about it until one day I noticed dozens of plants coming up through the fertile soil. Left unhampered these seeds will continue to grow until they create new fruit.

With each new child born into our home my husband would continue to ask and tease me about when we were going to Disneyland. While at first I was completely against the idea I slowly began to have a change of heart.

From what little I know about gardening, if you want to have a healthy plant with large fruit you have to thin out the plants while they are young. I plucked out several spindly starts to make room for the good, strong plants (weed out the unhealthy, weak thoughts of your mind). I also transplanted a few of these cantaloupe plants to other parts of the garden so they would have room to grow. A few died, as they did not have good access to water, one got stepped on, and one I accidentally hoed up. One of the transplants got the prime location next to a water spigot. It is growing beautifully!

My husband and I began learning about abundance and financial freedom. We began fixing up houses to flip for a profit. My cantaloupe continues to grow.

Perpetual Transmutation is much like these plants. We have ideas, or seeds. And these idea seeds can come to fruition if planted and nourished. In fact, sometimes we don’t even need to do anything but throw a seed into some fertile soil. We could leave for the summer and come back to fruit!

There are times we want to cultivate a plant. We carefully plant a seed in the right location giving it the right sunshine, soil, and water. Practiced gardeners even seem to have a magic touch as they cultivate gardens bearing excellent fruit. Such can be the case with us if we will practice nurturing our ideas.

In the opposite side of the spectrum we can have an idea (seed) begin to grow and then accidentally hoe it up (disregard it), or plant it without water (passion), or even step on it (unbelief that it might one day bear fruit) and it will cease to grow.

As sure as the sun rises each day, both seeds and ideas, when properly fed, will grow.

Though this Disneyland seed of my husband’s may have been planted haphazardly, sure enough, four kids later, along with continued financial education and nurturing of his idea, we made the Disneyland Mecca “debt-free”. We rented an RV so all the kids would be comfortable on the drive, we stayed in the Grand California, ate breakfast with Disney characters, bought souvenirs from the gift shop, and had the most totally insanely awesome time which I would never want to trade for my miserly beginnings! We all affectionately remember our fantastically fun time together even after many years. And isn’t that what financial freedom is all about: Time and resources to be with our family?

Experiment with this Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Plant a seed today, nurture it daily, and watch as it begins to grow and take shape.


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