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Leslie Householder
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18 Responses

  1. I have experienced a lot of amazing success already. I am having a hard time moving on with the next goals as an alumni. I have made some shorter term goals like I did for the FTMF course, but feel like I am micromanaging a process too much. I like thinking decade to decade, but I feel like there should be some shorter term goals. Do I always need to have such a short term goal?

  2. I’m about 8 lessons into the course. I get the material, and I feel exciting things happening just around the corner. But how do I reconcile that with the day-to-day paying the bills? We have not always lived frugally, so do we cut the expenses to live within our means? Or do I just create more $ to pay for my kids’ private school tuition, etc. Example–an iphone is a luxury… I’ve thought about eliminating the iphones. Sometimes, eliminating these things feels restrictive–scarcity-thinking…But if my business is going to thrive, it will be a business expense. I’m still waiting for that to materialize.

    I’d like to hear more about the winning mindset dealing with debt while mastering these laws of prosperity.

  3. I have been stuck on the workbook part of Perpetual Transmutation for a couple of months now. I tried your examples with the TV commercial and the dollar bill, as well as a necklace that has been missing for a while. I actually did find a necklace, but not the one I had in mind. The commercial and dollar never showed up either. I love the class and have missed doing it these past months, but I need to know what I’m doing wrong.

  4. I love to create. I am “getting” the material. I am understanding the mindset and am able to apply it easier. I still have down times- I just understand how to think my way through them. It is awesome!

    So I am following my heart. I’m working hard following the promptings I receive. I am offering online health mentoring. My husband tells me I am crazy because I am doing it complimentary. I wasn’t expecting the response I have gotten and am feeling a bit overwhelmed (and grateful). I didn’t feel like I should charge. I felt like if I created value for others then it would in some way be returned to me… I just don’t know how yet or where. So am I crazy? I just feel like I am doing the right thing. What do you think? I’m loving it- I could spend all day working on it! Talk about a kick!

  5. Hi
    I have somewhat the same dilemma as Jennifer. My husband is aware of the Laws and has listened to Heaven’s helps a couple of times. He claims he says affirmations, but he is constantly downing himself and his environment. “I never can find anything. This office is always a mess. I never make enough money. I’m so stupid.” If I say anything to him about talking more positively, he gets upset. I usually just leave the room because I can’t handle the negativity. Since he is the main breadwinner, how can we have financial success? Also, I get confused because I hear that we should read our goals everyday, and then I hear to just write it down and visualize it and forget it and it will happen in due time. Which is the best way?

  6. If I finish the FTMF online course, will I then have unlimited access to the online program in the future?

  7. Thank you for this opportunity! I read your blog last month to the college student it could not have come at a more ideal time. We are selling a business to move into another and it is frought with ups and downs. So we were back and forth about this being the right step for us. I too have read everything and was led to believe that if things do not flow easily and uncomplicated then it is not the right thing to do. Or the do what feels good or right. Feel GOOOOOD my heart is in my throat and remaining calm about it was out of the question. Until that blog of yours….

    Now I see that feeling good within this is the choice. I see a pattern here. We are always in turmoil. Every thing we have ever done we have been in this same sort of place. And am I right that it is only harder and longer in coming because we are not in that hopeful, trusting, optimistic place?

    Now today we have a buyer but we must wait quite a bit longer for the closing. Immediatiely I was upset. Now I think I see another pattern. Normally we would go crazy(literally)stressing over this and trying to make it happen sooner. Now I see that patience and timing are about that same trusting place. And it dawned on me that we will be financially better off a bit if we wait.

    Oh my gosh, tell me this is so!!!!! It is like that Seinfeld episode where George does everything the opposite and his life goes better. Have these thoughts that we have held prevented us from stepping out? Hanging on? Living a peaceful and normal life while we are attaining new goals? Urgh, it is hard not to feel angry if that is the case.

    On the same line the new business oppurtunity is not our end all goal. It will bring us higher yet we almost passed it up but just had too……do it. Are we stumped because we pass up the next step looking for the end goal?

    Many thanks,


  8. Hello Leslie,

    I am currently working on Lesson 13 and I am very grateful that you give us this opportunity to ask you questions « in direct ».

    I reported my first mid-term experience in the forum one week ago under the pseudo « colorspiral ». In short, the experience consisted of passing through a trafic jam on the highway at normal speed, instead of being blocked by it. The trafic jam had been announced 5 miles before its location, and during these 5 miles, I used visualisation and faith the best I could to avoid it. Arriving at the location of the trafic jam, the highway split in two, one part going South (my direction) and the other part going West; the trafic jam was limited to the West bound of the highway!

    I have two questions on this:

    1)what if I had not made my visualisation and instead moaning in advance on the trafic jam? Would the trafic jam have been exactly at the same place, or would it have blocked me?

    2)during the experience, there was a sort of struggle between a part of me which was judging and wanting me to stop and to be « realistic », and another part of me which helped me to keep my faith; the feeling I got from the certainty of success was strong, quiet and joyful; it was incredible and soooo good! What gave me this certainty of success and allowed me to keep my faith in this specific situation? I find this question critical because I could not get this feeling again so far in my last experiences, so it is like if one ingredient was missing.

    Many thanks in advance for your answers.

  9. 1. How do you get the consistant white hot burning desire and focus for long periods of time amid the daily busyness and demands of your life?

    2. How do you “let go and let God” while still asking– It seems the what is up to you but the how is up to God.

  10. Question 1: What if your goals are different than your spouses and they conflict? For example, what if you want a nicer home and your spouse is content where you’re at?
    Question 2: How do you stay focused and positive when someone in the home has a large amount of negative energy?
    Question 3: Is it possible that having great tremendous personal growth when a spouse does not, can weaken a relationship?

  11. I have two questions –

    1. I am stuck because the simple things seem so hard for me to do and yet the bigger goals and visualization techniques come easier and I am already seeing results with things on a bigger scale. I have not achieved any of those goals yet, but I can see that in several areas, there is definite progress. I am reluctant to move on without mastering the small and simple things, but just don’t seem to be able to focus on the insignificant. I posted something “small” that had finally happened for me, or at least it seemed like it was at the time, but has since disconnected, so I feel like I haven’t mastered that at all and understand that mastery of the small is essential to mastery of the great. This is confusing because the bigger goals seem to be rolling along.

    2. In fact, I feel that this year I am in transition moving towards accomplishing some of my goals, and therefore living constantly in a state of anxiety or living in the terror barrier. I have to keep reassuring myself that this is part of getting myself to where I want to be. I’m still working at keeping the anxiety and panic level down when it comes to finances and choosing to believe that it will work out and that I will be given the opportunities to create the financial and personal future I desire. How long does the terror barrier last? Is it truly something that can last for an extended period of time as it seems to be right now?

  12. I am right where Craig is and experiencing the same feelings. Being able to move through this would be a huge step forward for me. Also, getting clarity of mind as to what I really want financially and sticking to it has been a challenge. I keep wanting to create little stepping stones to get to where I really want to be. I think my wave lengths out into the universe are confusing the universe :-).

  13. What Craig said about “getting it” on an intellectual level more or less sums up my experience. I can get all excited about it for a couple of days, but then soon I’m back in the grind and all the old doubts assert themselves, with vigor! What is your best suggestion for staying in the groove? Is it just mental discipline? How many doubts are too many? If I have a little bit of doubt, have I sabotaged all my efforts and must start over? What if because of my doubts I start to think it really was silly for me to ever set such an unrealistic goal?

  14. Can you help me understand Q6 of Lesson 13. Putting goals into categories. I don’t know what that means. What sort of categories?

    In the next question (7) there is mention of checking the examples in the manual. What manual?

    Thanking you in advance….Raelene

  15. I’m only through the Welcome segment of the course, but I’d really appreciate some clarification on setting goals, since I visualize my goals daily and don’t want to waste time with poorly structured goals as I work my way through the course.

    My ideal life (all that I want to be, do and have) encompasses MANY goals, however most of them would be achieved by just achieving the money part of the goal.

    Here’s my question; do I create a single goal of achieving the money and focus on that alone, or do I write out and visualize the whole enchilada at once?

    The course is awesome and I thank you so very much. The reason I’ve only completed the Welcome section is that I’ve listened to the last few chapters and the epilogue about 50 times 🙂

  16. I have been stuck early in the FTMF course because my “goal” seems so generic and so big . . . like “I am so happy and grateful now that we are enjoying financial prosperity”. How do you work with such a big goal that is so important without watering it down?

  17. I’m only about 8 lessons into the ftmf course but I’ve read your books as well as many other books on the law of attraction and yet my life continues to stay stagnant and I keep having the same setbacks and frustrations. I can intellectually understand things but to have my emotions stay in check during struggles is very difficult. Letting go and trusting that all will be well if I keep focusing on the why has been very difficult for me. I don’t even like writing this because I know it reinforces the negative. I know I can get through this but I just need to understand the how. How do I control my feelings from going into frustration, doubt and fear? How do I feel good during difficult times? I hope this makes sense. Thank you very much for your response.